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Enhance the learning environment for children at any school with this assortment of geography related classroom products. Pull-down wall maps, desk maps, globes, games and more are ready to make everyone’s studying more fun. You can even find unique antique history maps and atlases that are useful in multiple subjects.

Classroom Maps Encourage Learning

Students learn better when they are more engaged in the topics they are studying. Fun and colorful maps can help keep students’ attention and make the classroom a much more exciting learning environment. Classroom wall maps are also a fantastic learning tool and provide excellent teaching materials for students of all ages.

Maps for the classroom are appropriate for all grade levels. Younger students will be intrigued by the many places in the world they have not heard of, and they will enjoy learning about the different continents. At the elementary age, maps can help spark curiosity about the world and a desire to learn more about its different places and cultures. At the upper elementary level, students can begin studying these different cultures and continents, and the maps will become a useful tool. Finally, in high school, classroom wall maps can provide solid teaching props for geography, political science, and history courses.

Maps for the classroom are available for the United States, the entire globe, each of the different continents, and individual states and provinces. There are also historical maps, highlighting the geographical features and political boundaries of countries in the past. For science classes, maps can highlight geographic features and climate zones, while for political science or history course; maps that highlight political boundary lines are best. There are traditional classroom maps, in brown and green shades, and more brightly colored maps to highlight the boundaries between individual countries.

Classroom maps are an excellent purchase because they are a teaching tool that can last for years. Many teachers choose to laminate their maps so as to preserve them for most of their teaching career. A classroom decorated with several well-chosen wall maps provides a great learning environment that both inspires and enables students to learn about their world.

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