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Nothing Replaces a Real Map!

Despite the move toward virtual maps and the increased access to GPS applications on electronic devices, nothing replaces a map you can hold in your hand. International travel maps are excellent resources for planning and preparing for a trip as well as having in hand while traveling abroad.

Many people feel print maps are cumbersome and obsolete. However, printed travel maps provide users with huge amounts of information all on one page and right at your fingertips. Maps are easy to read due to their size and don't require flipping to additional screens or scrolling around to find information. Travelers who drive overseas often need large maps detailing an entire roadway so they know in which direction to turn or where to exit a highway. This is especially true in countries where directions and town names are expressed in a very foreign language and sometimes with unfamiliar letters.

Another benefit of printed international travel maps is being able to use the map resources for planning. Maps provide locations of parks, forests, natural or historic features of interest to visitors. They are also useful for knowing in advance the type of terrain you might be driving over, whether it's flat, open country or winding up and over mountains. Maps give the reader an at-a-glance understanding of the size of a town without having to consult a travel guide or the Internet. By looking at a map of the entire country or region you'll be visiting, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the general layout of the country and how it affects your direction of travel.

Owners of international travel maps don't have to worry when they're in regions with no Internet service or where the electricity is inconsistent. Maps don't require electricity to operate and can be folded to show a particular area at a glance. International travel maps are extremely useful in an emergency as they can also be consulted immediately as opposed to an electronic device that might take precious seconds or minutes to connect and access the screen you need.

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