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World Upside Down Travel Map

By HEMA Maps
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World Upside Down Travel Map

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World Upside Down Travel Map
Traditional world maps are drawn from the perspective of the first European explorers and cartographers - with the Northern Hemisphere at the top. The cartographers at HEMA maps think it's time to break with tradition and show the world from the perspective of all those people living in the Southern Hemisphere. After all, there is no ancient geographical feature saying "This way up".

This map is unlike any other! The orientation is reversed from a standard North on top, South on bottom map. This time, the hemispheres are flip flopped and so are the continents, but still in a readable format(east coasts are west, and west coasts are east).

The World Upside Down: This Pacific-centered map clearly shows all political boundaries and capital cities.

Cities: many
Country Borders: yes
U.S. State Border: yes
Roads: no
Physical/Terrain Shading: no
Timezones: yes
Ocean Relief: no
Projection: Pacific Centered


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Unlike any other, this political world map is flipped upside down! North becomes South, South becomes North, East becomes West, and West becomes East!

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