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Globe South Pole Satellite Digital Map

By Planet Observer
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Globe South Pole Satellite Digital Map

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Globe South Pole Satellite Digital Map
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This Satellite Map features: Earth. Satellite image of the Earth, centered on Antarctica. The South Pole is at center. Antarctica is a frozen continent, permanently covered in snow and ice. Surrounding Antarctica are the waters of the Southern Ocean, mixing with the Atlantic Ocean (upper center), the Pacific Ocean (lower left) and the Indian Ocean (center right). Around the edge of the hemisphere is New Zealand (lower center), Australia (lower right), and the southern parts of Africa (upper right, the island of Madagascar is also seen) and South America (upper left).

The pixel dimensions of the TIFF image are: 4961 x 4961


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PlanetObserver M-SAT has been working for fifteen years on a major project to reconstitute the whole planet in a mosaic composed of thousands of satellite images, all in natural colors and in very high resolution. This collection of satellite imagery beautifully displays the natural elements of our Earth from space.

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