California Satellite Map

California Satellite Wall Map

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California Satellite Wall Map

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California Satellite Wall Map
Item#: MDC1 SAT CA
The California Satellite Wall Map by is perfect for when you need a US state county map that's clear, concise, up-to-date and includes satellite imagery. Perfect for home, business and classrooms, this satellite map has just the right amount of counties, cities, roads and geographic features. Created using WorldSat Satellite data, this map is aesthetic and a great tool for locating sales territories and for general reference.

Data included on this California Satellite Map:
• International and State Borders
• County Names and Borders
• Large and Small Cities*
• Highways and Freeways
• Lakes, Rivers, Dams
• Mountain Ranges, Deserts, Islands
• Highest Point
• Wilderness Areas
• International Airports
• Military Bases
• Time Zones
• National Parks

*Large cities refers to 10,000 or more residents. Small cities refers to fewer than 10,000 residents.


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From the Print on Demand collection, this map requires 7 business days to print and laminate prior to shipping. Sizes are approximate and may vary due to the nature of the trimming and laminating processes.

The Satellite imagery was created by mosaicking hundreds of individual Landsat 7, 15 meter scenes into one large seamless mosaic. The "flat" imagery was then further enhanced by merging it with shaded-relief hill shading produced from 90 meter DEM (digital elevation model). The data are circa 1990 and individual scenes were selected based on minimal cloud cover taken within the high growing season. Landsat 7 orbits the earth at an altitude of 705 kms above the equator.

The laminated version can be written on with dry erase markers and easily cleaned. The paper version is perfect for framing.

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ClockThis map requires 7 business days to print and laminate prior to shipping.

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