Wall Map of Middle East

Middle East Physical Wall Map

By TierraMaps
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Middle East Physical Wall Map

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Middle East Physical Wall Map
Item#: MDCMP 8AB23 7K7G40
This physical map of the Middle East dramatically displays the contours of the land and sea floor. The map was developed by using state of the art techniques to combine colored elevation layers with 3-D shading. The image was produced entirely through digital manipulation of actual topographical data - not an artist's interpretation. This technique allows for the striking representation of mountains, plains, plateaus, hills, and valleys as they actually exist! In addition to the stunning visual effect, this map also serves as a fully featured reference map by providing useful geographic layers and loads of detail. Both physical and political reference information is included. The map includes countries like Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, and Afghanistan which are sometimes left off of Middle East maps. Look no further for a beautiful physical map of the Middle East that combines visualization of the earth's surface with useful reference information and detail.

Features included on this Middle East Physical Wall Map:
  • Cities
  • Interstates/Highways
  • Physical/Terrain
  • International Borders
  • Latitude/Longitude lines
  • Legend
  • Elevation Info
  • Capitals
  • Insets
  • Ocean Relief

Coverage Area: The extended Middle East region including all traditional Middle Eastern nations, as well as Turkey, Egypt, most of South Central Asia, portions of Southeastern Europe, and portions of Northeastern Africa.

More Product Details

TierraMaps uses digital manipulation of satellite imagery and topographical data to create stunning maps that accurately depict the earth's surface in all its splendor. These maps serve as useful physical reference maps and look spectacular on display.

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