Wall Map of USA and Mexico

USA and Mexico Wall Map

By OutlookMaps
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USA and Mexico Wall Map

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USA and Mexico Wall Map
When your business, educational or travel needs call for a North America map with just USA and Mexico, this is the perfect wall map. This political map masterfully displays the geography of the United States and Mexico. State divisions of both countries are clearly displayed, along with up-to-date detail including capitals, cities, roads, rivers, natural features, and more. The mountain shading, which is produced digitally from actual elevation data (not an artist's ''impression''), gives the mountains accuracy and a striking 3-D feel that makes them seem to jump right off the page. This map will be extremely useful for any professional, personal, or educational situation involving both the USA and Mexico while the overall beauty of this map insures that it will look spectacular on display!

Features included on this USA and Mexico Wall Map:
  • Cities
  • State Borders
  • Interstates/Highways
  • Secondary Roads
  • Physical/Terrain
  • International Borders
  • Latitude/Longitude lines
  • Legend
  • Elevation Info
  • Capitals
  • Insets

Coverage Area: This map of the USA and Mexico includes the lower 48 United States and all of Mexico. Portions of neighboring regions such as Latin America, Caribbean Islands, and Southern Canada are also shown.

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OutlookMaps uses stunning color combinations, unique artistic themes, and striking 3D mountains to create maps that come to life on your wall. These exquisite maps feature advanced cartography and are loaded with detail - making them perfect for reference or display in any classroom, office, or home.

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ClockThis map requires 7 business days to print and laminate prior to shipping.

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