Wall Map of USA and Canada Highways

USA and Canada Highway Wall Map

By OutlookMaps
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USA and Canada Highway Wall Map

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USA and Canada Highway Wall Map
When you need a map of North America, but only with USA and Canada, this wall map of USA and Canada Highways will fit the bill. This map is a highly detailed highway map of the United States AND a highly detailed highway map of Canada...combined! The map includes U.S. Interstates, U.S. Highways, and Trans Canada routes as well as major state and provincial routes. Highway symbols with route numbers are also included. Identifying routes is easier than ever because highway colorization and line styles were selected specifically to maximize readability. Although the map contains loads of detail, it maintains a clutter-free aesthetic appearance. Unlike many other highway or road maps, this map also includes mountain shaded relief and soft colorization of the states and provinces for quick identification. The artistic border adds the finishing touch to insure that this map will look spectacular on display. Look no further for a high-detail, easy to read, and gorgeous highway map that provides coverage of both the United States and Canada.

Features included on this USA and Canada Highways Wall Map:
  • Cities
  • State Borders
  • Interstates/Highways
  • Secondary Roads
  • Physical/Terrain
  • International Borders
  • Latitude/Longitude lines
  • Legend
  • Capitals
  • Insets

Coverage Area: This map displays limited access, primary, and secondary highways (including route numbers) for all of the 48 contiguous United States and the 10 provinces of Canada (Newfoundland shown in an inset). Limited access and primary highways are also shown for northern Mexico.

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OutlookMaps uses stunning color combinations, unique artistic themes, and striking 3D mountains to create maps that come to life on your wall. These exquisite maps feature advanced cartography and are loaded with detail - making them perfect for reference or display in any classroom, office, or home.

Shipping Conditions

US FlagThis product can only be shipped to the Domestic U.S.A. (No APO's or PO Boxes)
ClockThis map requires 7 business days to print and laminate prior to shipping.

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