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Lineback World View eBook Download - Edition 1

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Lineback World View eBook Download - Edition 1

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Lineback World View eBook Download - Edition 1
A selection of articles from a year of Geography in the News™

Lineback World View downloadable PDF ebook is a collection of popular articles from Dr. Neal Lineback & Mandy Lineback which cover the origins and global impact of recent events from the Tunisian Uprising and Arab Spring to the Greek Debt Crisis. With a foreword by Geographer Susan W. Hardwick PhD.

About the Author: Dr. Neal Lineback: A former teacher of High School Geography in Henry County, VA and 18 year professor at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Neal took a position in 1987 as Chair of the Department of Geography and Planning at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. Dr Lineback has worked on research projects studying environmental issues such as irrigation and global warming, as an example, providing field analysis of Damascus, Syria's principal water source.

From Dr. Neal Lineback: "I had the idea of providing articles that made Geography relevant to students during the 1960's when I realized that many students were struggling to understand the Vietnam war. I began writing articles for the local newspaper in 1987 on the advice of widely respected geographer and NBC news analyst Dr. Harm de Blij who was visiting the Boone campus."

Twenty-four years later, and more recently with the assistance of my daughter Mandy, we have produced more than 1000 articles which are read by students in more than 3500 schools across the world through the Maps101 program.


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