Map Marketplace: Pricing has 15 years of experience in the mapping world, a large amount of that has been spent marketing products to consumers. We pass along this experience to you and offer established pricing for your Map Marketplace submissions.

The set pricing for printed products is based on size, while digital download prices are based on file type.

Sizes up to and including 18” x 24”$19.95$24.95
Sizes up to and including 24” x 36”$29.95$39.95
Sizes up to and including 36” x 48”$49.95$69.95
Sizes up to and including 60” x 80”$199.95$224.95
Digital SpecificationsPDFTIFF
All Digital Content Sales$12.95$99.95

This pricing will automatically be entered along with your product submissions when using Map Marketplace.

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