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Maps101 named finalist in AEP's 2011 Distinguished Achievement Awards for excellence in educational resources

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Santa Barbara, CA — [May 18, 2011] — Maps101’s extensive, high quality content has been recognized in its nomination as a finalist in the AEP Distinguished Achievement Awards.

The Association of Educational Publishers' annual awards program and its seal of excellence are widely recognized by educators, administrators, and parents as a mark of outstanding educational value.

Maps101 is a finalist in the Distinguished Achievement Awards for Curriculum, Reference Materials. The Distinguished Achievement Awards (DAAs) are analyzed by a panel of qualified judges as opposed to a peer voting system. Qualified educational tools are judged on:
  • Clearly articulated learning goals and objectives
  • Appropriate grade and reading levels
  • Reputable sources
  • Engaging, relevant, and up-to-date content
  • Highly vetted content that is accurate, objective, and reliable
  • Differentiated learning opportunities
  • Standards- and evidence-based lessons/learning aligned with high-quality assessments
  • Well-designed and attractive materials
  • Adaptable materials for individual learning styles and needs
  • Inclusion of instructional support materials

Maps101 combines video, primary sources, news articles, maps, atlases lesson plans and activities in English and Spanish that not only engage students but make their academic studies relevant. Many of the techniques and principles learned in STEM subjects can be applied to real world examples, through independent research or classroom debate and discussion - centered around the worlds people, places, natural resources, cultures and events.

A pioneer in online resources, Maps101 launched in 1998 as a supplement for printed maps. Since then the scope of the content has expanded to encompass history, geography, earth science, Spanish and ELL, and civics for K-12 classrooms.

Contributors include Dr. Neal Lineback, renowned Geographer and an expert on world Geography and the environment. He writes a weekly Geography in the News column giving a balanced insight into popular and not so well known events. National Geographic, who provide archive and reference materials as well as hundreds of short videos in English and Spanish. National Geographic provide maps and atlas material, plus over 100 years of archived magazine supplements and hundreds of short videos in English and Spanish.

Relevant Quotes:
As a Geography Teacher, I find Maps101 a refreshing source for classroom materials and lesson plans. Regarding your Japan, Earthquake & Tsunami content: I used a variety of the resources you put together, which included maps, videos, statistics, and other pertinent information which really brought out the disaster and opened up timely discussions. 6th Grade Geography Teacher, FL.
"Maps101 is the perfect tool for creating the dynamic interdisciplinary learning experiences modern students need. Forget those stereotypical thoughts you might have about maps only belonging to HS/MS Social Studies. Maps101 has a role to play in science, Spanish, English and even mathematics classrooms in the entire K-12 setting. The vast amount of resources, including videos, PDFs, interactive games, lessons, relevant articles written exclusively for Maps101, and of course maps, can make an instant impact in the classroom." District Technology Integration Specialist, NY.

The full list of finalists for this year's DAAs is posted online at

Winners will be announced at the AEP Awards Banquet & Gala, June 8 at the Omni Shoreham in Washington, DC.

About the AEP Awards
For more than four decades, the AEP Awards have honored outstanding resources for teaching and learning in all media and for any educational setting. Award winners meet the highest standards for quality, professional content for education and represent the most innovative learning solutions currently on the market.

One of the largest and longest-running programs of its kind, the AEP Awards and its seal of excellence are widely recognized by educators, administrators, and parents as a mark of outstanding educational value.

About Maps101
Maps101 provides grade appropriate materials for K-12 teachers to make lessons more interesting and engaging, and to save teachers time. This online resource includes content for a variety of subjects and is fully accessible by every teacher, student and parent for a low-cost subscription.

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