Custom Radius Maps

Are you looking to build your own custom radius map? offers a custom radius map tool that allows you to build a custom radius wall map in 3 easy steps! All you need to do to start is enter your center point location and choose your options, and then you will be asked to verify your map's coverage area, once satisfied with your map you may place your order. This custom radius maps tool make it easy to create a custom wall map for any location. See more details below.

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Build your own map in three easy steps:
Step 1: Choose Center Point and Options
Step 2: Verify your map's Coverage Area
Step 3: Place your Order
Specify your Center Point as:
• ZIP Code
• City and State
• Address with ZIP Code
Additional options include:
• Visible Radius Ring or no Radius Ring
• Wooden rails or spring-loaded rollers
Made to Order
• Prices start at $175—requires 2 days to print prior to shipping.
• All finished maps are laminated for durability.
Click on the thumbnails to view sample map images
Available Detail depending on Finished Size and Radius:
• Interstates
• State Highways and County Highways
• Toll Roads
• ZIP Code Boundaries
• County Names and Boundaries
• Cities and Towns
• Index by Streets and Prominent Neighborhoods
• Index and Grid Locator by ZIP Code
Create Your Custom Radius Map

Please refer to the table below to determine the optimal finished size that best suits the radius and detail required.
Radius Map Pricing Chart

Radius Maps at Work

Radius Maps are used to calculate the distance from a central point to other locations within a certain area, or radius. A radius map can be used in a variety of different ways. Businesses often use these maps to locate potential customers who live within their target area. For example, by searching for all of the zip codes within a 20 mile radius, a business owner can effectively market his services to those most likely to use them. Businesses that offer delivery service can also use maps with radius circles to define how far their drivers will travel.

Radius maps can be very useful tools for planning vacations. For example, travelers may want to find a hotel that is within a certain distance of a theme park that they are visiting. It's easy to search by proximity alone, but a radius search may give a better picture of the entire area. This may also assist them in finding other things to do, while on vacation. Travelers can try searching for radius maps online, or they can use paper ones. People can also use a radius map to plan road trips. For example, families can search a specific radius around their house and decide what they can do and how far they are willing to travel in one day. This may prove especially helpful if there are young children in the family.

Radius maps are also used in real estate searches. Prospective buyers can search radius maps online to get information on the area that they are interested in. By looking at their targeted area, buyers can pinpoint schools, shopping, and places to worship. When a house comes on the market in the specified area, the buyer will be able to act quickly. Also, real estate professionals often use maps with custom radius circles, in order to assist their clients.

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