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Explore the most comprehensive Travel Guide collection for visiting all points of the globe. Whether you’re planning a drive, a weekend road trip, flying abroad or sailing to an island paradise, you’ll navigate with ease with these resources. High-quality products from trusted names like Rand McNally and Michelin. Be sure to check out our Lonely Planet and Thomas Guides too.

Travel Guides: Making Your Vacation Work For You

People travel differently. Some people want to relax on the beach. Others want to visit all of the best museums. The best travel guides help visitors make decisions about what they want to do when they go somewhere new. They can learn about the top restaurants, the best hotels, activities that are available and some of the common attractions. Many come with maps, so individuals who prefer to go off on their own can still find their way.

Types of Travel Guides

Dozens of different types of travel guides exist. Visitors should weigh the pros and cons of each type based on the information they want and the style that appeals to them most. For some travelers, eyewitness travel guides are best. These guides use pictures to illustrate everything. They include maps, museum floor plans, beaches and historic snap shots. These guides are designed to make it so visitors can see the museum or activity, instead of only reading about it.

Free travel guides are also available. These generally include brochures that guests pick up in hotels, restaurants, museums, airports and train stations. Many times the brochures include a variety of information and coupons that they can use to make the most of their trip.

There’s also a wide selection of travel guides online. Some of these are written by professionals or by people who travel frequently. Others are written by everyday people who have gone somewhere, like or didn’t like things about it and reviewed it. Online guides are nice because they often provide pictures, details and tips unique to that specific location. They’re easy to access and, when they’re written by people who live there, guests can learn information about a location that is unique to the "townies." The best online travel guides use reviews so travelers can provide other visitors with information about what they liked or didn’t like.

Travel guides are a useful accessory for any trip. They provide insider information that allows visitors to avoid the things they’re not interested in and relish in the things they love. They can even be a great souvenir.

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