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UniversalMap Wall Maps are excellent resources that continue to give year after year both at home, school and at the office. These maps are the perfect learning tools for students, travelers and anyone wishing to better understand a region of the world.

A wall map is both an educational resource as well as beautiful d├ęcor for your home. A UniversalMap is a high quality laminated product that takes marking easily and is completely washable. These are eight color lithographs featuring all physical surface data, roadways, population centers, public lands and geographic coordinate lines. The detail of UniversalMap Atlases makes these eye catching displays for public and private use.

UniversalMaps Atlases are an excellent addition to any educational curriculum. Some of the many subject areas enhanced by the study of these maps includes social studies, history, geography, geomorphology, economics and ecology. Home-schools as well as public and private schools utilize UniversalMap Wall Maps. The durable nature of these resources means they will provide years of use by students.

Not only schools, but business and travelers also find UniversalMap Atlases useful. Businesses can use these maps to plan out regional selling strategies, transportation analysis, distribution centers and expansion points. In addition, the beautiful and showy nature of a UniversalMap gives businesses a step up on the competition when using it while pitching to prospective clients or during shareholder presentations.

UniversalMap Atlases are the perfect tool to plan an upcoming trip. Whether it's traveling regionally, across the country or globally, UniversalMaps has a map to meet your needs. Travelers can plan routes, make note of interesting natural and historic features along the way and know what type of terrain they'll be travelling across simply by studying the map. Visitors to an area will gain a greater understanding of the region when they are able to discover how landforms, waterways and population centers are related. Using a map for pretrip planning is the best way to become familiar with the general layout of an area.

UniversalMaps Wall Maps are beautiful both in their appearance and the incredible wealth of information stored within.

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