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  • Geo-Joint: The Colossus of Prora

    As human beings go, Hitler was pretty much the bottom of the barrel. He may have dressed neatly and been educated, but the workings of his mind were a plague upon humanity. Given all that, he put together a concept in... Read More
  • Maps for Hospital Hospitality

    Maps for Hospital Hospitality

    When families go to Shriners Hospitals to seek care for their children, many must travel from far away. They sometimes have to stay for weeks, or even months, and the staff does everything possible to make them feel... Read More
  • Tourists to faraway places often want to take picture of themselves with exotic animals like this three-toed sloth. A recent study found that many animals who pose in wildlife selfies have been captured illegally.

    Keeping Wild Animals Safe

    No doubt about it: animals are among the Internet’s biggest attractions. A study published earlier this year found that people who own dogs either post pictures or talk about their dogs online six times per week. In... Read More

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