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  • Geo-Joint: Lusi the Mud Volcano

    Not too terribly far beneath our feet, the Earth is a very different place from the pleasant zone we live in. The deepest mines, which can reach down to depths of a mere two and a half miles, are very hot jobsites. Just... Read More
  • Maps for Hospital Hospitality

    Maps for Hospital Hospitality

    When families go to Shriners Hospitals to seek care for their children, many must travel from far away. They sometimes have to stay for weeks, or even months, and the staff does everything possible to make them feel... Read More
  • Math Detectives

      Ted Hill is Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Georgia Tech. However, he seemed to be doing magic, not math. Hill gave his students an assignment. They were either to flip a coin 200 times and record the results, or... Read More

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