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  • Geo-Joint: Gibraltar

    Even if you’re not sure where it is, you’ve heard of the name or seen it on an insurance logo. The Rock of Gibraltar has an iconic status as something solid and prominent, which it definitely is. And you may know... Read More
  • Maps for Hospital Hospitality

    Maps for Hospital Hospitality

    When families go to Shriners Hospitals to seek care for their children, many must travel from far away. They sometimes have to stay for weeks, or even months, and the staff does everything possible to make them feel... Read More
  • Opera singer Audrey Luna is seen here in the New York Metropolitan Opera's recent production of The Exterminating Angel. In her current role, Luna sings the highest note ever sung in the opera's 137-year history.

    Singer Sets Record for Highest Note

    We are fascinated by someone who can do something that most people cannot do. One area in which people can surpass their peers is in setting records for something that is the highest ever. Evan Ungar holds the record... Read More

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