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  1. Inflatable Globe Clear 16''

    This 16" inflatable transparent globe features updated cartography with geographical boundaries and bright vivid colors.

  2. Inflatable EarthBall

    Every 16" inflatable EarthBall comes with the 20 page Global Handbook, chock full of games, activities & informational resources for Earth adventurers of all ages.

    EarthBalls make a wonderful gift for children, teens, adults, or just about anyone. Featuring the latest generation of NASA satellite imagery printed directly onto the globe's surface, Inflatable EarthBalls are the most visually authentic world globes available anywhere.

  3. Replogle Sherbrooke II Globe

    Replogle, Sherbrooke II Globe, Model 22716. Decorative 16" pedestal Globe perfect for you home or office, with rich detail and ornate compass roses. Beautifully crafted pedestal in solid wood cherry finish with brass claw feet stands 43" tall.
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3 Item(s)