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The 7 Most Influential Travel Instagram Accounts

Posted on January 28 2016

Most Influential Instagram Accounts

Have you ever felt the need to hit the road? To travel somewhere with wild and unfamiliar landscapes, exotic foods, and strange wildlife? It would be great to be able to simply pick up and travel at will—and while some people do, most of us are trapped in gray office cubicles for most of the year. While there may be a chance to escape the restraints of the office jungle for a week–or two or three–each year, that’s hardly enough to sustain that wanderlust. So if and when you feel the need to indulge in travel, take a look at these influential travel Instagram accounts for inspiration for your next trip or just to assuage that travel fever.


The account chronicles the travels of a couple who gave up collecting possessions to collect memories. In their custom-built tiny house they travel the world. What’s most interesting about this site is following along to all of the places they travel while knowing that they are doing this as they live in a teeny, tiny house on wheels. It’s the dream isn’t it? Giving it all up to experience life at its purest.


A photo posted by Carol Cain (@girlgonetravel) on

I love this account because it’s so real. Carol Cain and her family often appear in the pictures making silly faces, or just having a wonderful time. There are some inspiring and beautiful travel photos of course, but they don’t have that staged feeling that some travel accounts seem to have. This is an account that makes me imagine it could be me and my family, and that relatability is something that makes this an interesting account to follow.


It’s hard to resist a good family travel site. They tend to be so real and familiar, and this site is exactly that. This site includes not only beautiful photography documenting travels to places like New York City but also snow trips and whale watching trips. It’s a wonderful look at genuine, in-the-moment, slices of life that are vibrantly appealing.


This site is irresistibly exotic. It’s color, symmetry, shade and shadow. This site is dedicated to travel addicts, and it’s hard not to become one when you see the pictures on this site. Whether it’s an ornate hotel room, a mountain sunset, or a sunrise at the beach, it’s beautiful. Warning: This site induces travel lust.


Oh my, oh my. This site is all about the color. It’s vibrant and bubbly and probably where Pantone visits to inspire the Color of the Year pick. I absolutely love this account—and so does the rest of the world—or at least about 2.7 million followers. The locations are unique and interesting, and the hues just pop in an array of candy colors. This travel site is hard to resist.


OK, can you say dessert? This account is wonderful for the outrageous, decadent, and crazy desserts featured. The pictures are vibrant and scrumptious looks at desserts from Kevin and Amanda’s travels. These two aren’t afraid of calories or indulgence, and that bravery in the face of a naughty Crème Brulee or decadent chocolate-covered strawberries, or even a savory croissant, is what makes this site a delicious treat for the eyes.


A photo posted by Tonya Prater (@travelermom) on

While so many sites are appealing because of the exotic locales featured, this one is just as appealing because of its down-to-earth nature. Tall grasses sway underneath gray cloudy skies, while an orange sun peeks through. A worn wooden barn sits in the foreground of a field at sunset. These pictures are real and raw but gorgeous and irresistible to look at.
With so many visual options it may be tempting to skip travel altogether and simply indulge in the highlights of Instagram travel photos.

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