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Major League Baseball Tour 2016 – Dodger Stadium

Posted on August 12 2016

Major League Baseball Tour

Arizona Diamondbacks
Los Angeles Dodgers

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Flip this card to see the score of the game!


Arizona Diamondbacks - 0
Los Angeles Dodgers - 8

Los Angeles Dodgers WIN!



    50,164 fans


    2 hours 47 minutes


    Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California


    73 degrees, Sunny

Did you know?

As we travel from one Major League Baseball stadium to the next, we are really enjoying how each stadium is completely different and has its own character, history, and architecture. Here are a few of the unusual facts about Dodger Stadium that we found especially interesting.

Facts Unique to
Dodger Stadium


  • Dodger Stadium is the third oldest continuously used park in Major League Baseball and stands as one of the most special and picturesque settings in sports
  • The Dodger Stadium, the first privately financed ballpark since Yankee Stadium in 1923, is a reflection of the careful study Walter O’Malley put into this seminal project.
  • The stadium is carved into the hillside of Chavez Ravine overlooking downtown LA to the south and the San Gabriel mountains to the north


  • Capacity: 56,000 fans
  • Mascot: No Official Mascot
  • Official Opening Day was on April 10th, 1962

Designated Driver Program

Every stadium has their own version of a designated driver program and it is awesome! Make sure you learn about the program before your next ball game and reward your designated driver!

Screenshot 2016-08-15 12.49.38
The Dodgers have partnered with T.E.A.M. Coalition, Levy Restaurants, ACE Beverage Distributing, and Anheuser-Busch in offering the Budweiser Good Sport Designated Driver program at Dodger Stadium. The objective of the Budweiser Good Sport program is to create, implement, and maintain effective alcohol awareness programs and policies for Dodgers Stadium. To be a Good Sport, fans pledge they are 21 years of age or older, they will provide responsible transportation for all members of their group and will not drink alcoholic beverages. Good Sport is a pledge to our guests that we intend to maintain an enjoyable fan experience and atmosphere during Dodger baseball games.

Visit a Fan Service Station to sign up to be a Budweiser Good Sport.

What is the incentive to sign-up for Budweiser Good Sport?

Designated drivers that sign a pledge will:

-Receive a coupon for one complimentary soda

-Be entered in a drawing to win a special on field experience as the Budweiser Good Sport designated driver of the season

Our Reflections on the Game

Advice and reflections from the Glanville Team

Thoughts from James

Dodgers stadium is BIG and fun and lots of blue. The fans are really into the game and you can feel the energy they have for their great pitcher Kershaw #22. Don’t forget to try a famous Farmer John Dodger dog! They are super long and yummy!James

Christie’s Thoughts

Dodger Stadium is BIG! Fans are no nonsense- it’s Dodger BLUE! Most stadiums are expensive for food, and Dodger stadium is right up there. The parking lot is enormous, so be prepared to walk. Its all good though because you sit for the game.Christie


Some snapshots from the game.

  • airbus
  • bus
  • baseball
  • bubblehead
  • eatin
  • excited
  • field
  • food
  • gates
  • grouplunch
  • highfives
  • john
  • ladies
  • lunch
  • mus
  • pitch
  • shirts
  • theteam

Thank you for following along! Stay tuned, next we are heading to Seattle, Washington to the Safeco Field, on May 29th, 2016. See you after!

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