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Major League Baseball Tour 2016 – Four Seasons

Posted on March 19 2017

Major League Baseball Tour

An interview with Christie and James on their experiences staying at the Four Seasons hotels while on the Major League Baseball tour.


  • Denver


  • San Francisco


  • Seattle


  • St. Louis


  • Boston


  • Chicago


  • Toronto


  • Atlanta


  • Dallas


  • Houston


  • Baltimore


  • D.C.



Reflections from the Glanville Team

What was so special and awesome about staying at the Four Seasons?

How neat it was. They had air conditioning and many treats! We have a friend who works at Four Seasons, and he called ahead to all the other Four Seasons and said, “These people are doing an awesome thing where they go to every MLB stadium, so could you hook them up with a treat?” And then they did! All the treats were baseball-themed and they all had to do with the team that we went to see, and with the city that the Four Seasons was in. Like Four Seasons Atlanta had to do with the Braves, Cleveland had to do with the Indians, etc.James
When we got there, they were ready for us. They knew we were coming; they had a treat and amenities in the room that were all baseball for James, and they took extra-good care of us. They upgraded us to nicer rooms. When we weren’t in a Four Seasons (because not all 30 cities had them), we would look at each other and say, “How much longer till we get to a Four Seasons!?!” The beds and the robes were the comfiest—and we were honestly spoiled by them.Christie

Special shout-out to these wonderful human beings for our Four Seasons escapade!

  • Leslie Nichols of Four Seasons St. Louis

    Who called and emailed ALL the Four Seasons and told them about our adventure, and followed up with each one.

  • Rachel Curliss at Four Seasons Dallas

    Who personally just went above and beyond to see that we had the best experience.

  • Joern Howind at Four Seasons Denver

    Which was our first Four Seasons on the tour, who started the idea of contacting all the Four Seasons and hit it out of the ballpark with amenities.

We just want to say THANK YOU FOUR SEASONS!

For making our summer cooler, and for the delicious food (we were tired of hot dogs), gourmet meals, and room service for tired travelers. I always knew we were safe with Four Seasons. They picked us up in their cars and practically took us to the gates of the fields—extra extra safe for a mom and a young boy who were on the road for 66 days.


so very much.


Some snapshots from the Four Seasons

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