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Major League Baseball Tour 2016 – Minute Maid Park

Posted on November 22 2016

Major League Baseball Tour

Los Angeles Angels
Houston Astros

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Los Angeles Angels- 3
Houston Astros- 13

Houston Astros WIN!



    32,721 fans


    3 hours 0 minutes


    Minute Maid Park, Houston, Texas



Did you know?

As we travel from one Major League Baseball stadium to the next, we are really enjoying how each stadium is completely different and has its own character, history, and architecture. Here are a few of the unusual facts about Minute Maid Park that we found especially interesting.

Facts Unique to
Minute Maid Park

Phillips 66 Home Run Alley

  • Fans taking a stroll through the Phillips 66 Home Run Alley, located above Left Field, will come face to face with Astros history. The home run is one of the most exciting events of a baseball game. The Astros and Phillips 66 have teamed up to honor some of the greatest hitters in Astros history. Fans can enjoy 40-plus years of great memories, from Jimmy Wynn and Jose Cruz to Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio.


  • Capacity: 40,963 fans
  • Mascot:
  • Stadium opened March 30, 2000

Something you might not think about…

Prior to the 2015 season, the Houston Astros grounds crew installed a new playing surface at Minute Maid Park. The new grass (Seashore Paspalum, Platinum TE) was custom-grown to the Astros specifications, delivered, and installed by the same crew that grew and installed the grass used at University of Phoenix Stadium for the 2015 Super Bowl. 26 truckloads of sod were delivered to Minute Maid Park and installed. The grass type (Seashore Paspalum), which has been used at Minute Maid Park since 2008, was selected due to its ability to handle time under the roof without sunlight.

Don’t miss!

A replica of a 19th century locomotive (circa 1860) and linked coal tender became a fast fan favorite in the inaugural season. The train provides an architectural icon which combines sight, sound, and motion for a dynamic entertainment and celebration feature. It also provides a link to the past for Houston and the Union Station site. The train was designed by Uni-Systems and built by SMI & Hydraulics, which also provided the transporters for the retractable roof. Weighing close to 50,000 pounds, the train runs some 800 feet along the low roof track on the west side of the ballpark.

Our Reflections on the Game

Advice and reflections from the Glanville Team

Thoughts from James

Houston has a great ballpark! It is indoors which was awesome because it was VERY warm outside and raining! We had my friend Raglan and his family with us and that made it even more fun. Our seats were in the first row of the outfield so we got to catch balls during the warm up and see the game from a different view point! They have a Minute Maid train filled with oranges inside the ballpark that runs on a track when there is a homer! That was fun to watch. There is every kind of treat and food you could want! I liked this ballpark!James

Christie’s Thoughts

Minute Maid Park was great! The retractable roof was in use as the weather was very humid, and it was raining! We appreciated the dry seats and air conditioning! James is right – the Minute Maid train filled with oranges in left field is a fun attraction during Astros homers and for the win! The field is natural grass which is always great! The foul poles are sponsored by Chick-fil-A and have cows on the poles. One says” EAT MOR FOWL” which is funny from a cow, and the other one says “FOWL POLE”. The stadium is located in downtown Houston and was close to our hotel, which was nice.

As James mentioned, there were loads of food options. We had a great time with friends joining us on the tour! ALL in ALL Houston’s Minute Maid park gets two thumbs up!Christie


Some snapshots from the game.

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Thank you for following along! Stay tuned, next we are heading to Arlington, Texas to Globe Life Park, on July 27th, 2016. See you after!

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