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Major League Baseball Tour 2016 – Safeco Field

Posted on August 17 2016

Major League Baseball Tour

Seattle Mariners
Minnesota Twins

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Flip this card to see the score of the game!


Seattle Mariners - 4
Minnesota Twins - 5

Minnesota Twins WIN!



    33,748 fans


    2 hours 51 minutes


    Safeco Field, Seattle, Washington


    55 degrees

Did you know?

As we travel from one Major League Baseball stadium to the next, we are really enjoying how each stadium is completely different and has its own character, history, and architecture. Here are a few of the unusual facts about Safeco Field that we found especially interesting.

Facts Unique to
Safeco Field


  • The ballpark’s one-of-a-kind retractable roof is designed to cover but not enclose the ballpark, thus preserving an open-air environment.
  • The structure covers nearly 9 acres, weighs 22 million pounds, and contains enough steel to build a skyscraper 55 stories tall.
  • The roof is self-grounded (in the event of lightning strikes) and is designed to withstand 6-7 ft. of snow and sustained winds of up to 70 mph.


  • Capacity: 47,898 fans
  • Mascot: the Mariner Moose
  • Inaugural game was on July 15th, 1999


Do not miss these great attractions while visiting Safeco Field!

The Baseball Museum of the Pacific Northwest – Home of the Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame

A fun and informative destination that you will want to visit is the Baseball Museum of the Pacific Northwest, which is the home of the Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame. Both are located on the Main Level along the third base line behind Sections 133 – 136. The Museum and Hall of Fame are free and open to all fans during every Mariners home game.

Dave Niehaus Statue

Fans are invited to visit the interactive Dave Niehaus Statue on the Main Concourse at Section 105. Bring your camera and snap a photo with the Mariners Hall of Famer. Statue can be viewed when the ballpark is open and during Safeco Field tours.

Our Reflections on the Game

Advice and reflections from the Glanville Team

Thoughts from James

Safeco Park does NOT sell iceees and that was disappointing! It was our first game in the rain and we were happy that Safeco park has a retractable roof! We enjoyed a game called wheel of dance between innings and even made it onto the dance cam!

John enjoyed the crab sandwich that the park is famous for and craft beers! So far it has been our coldest game at 55 degrees. The park was within walking distance of downtown and our hotel. Everyone was polite and friendly so we had a good experience minus the ICEE.James

Christie’s Thoughts

I will add that food was great and the fans were welcoming. It was tough to have the Mariners lose at home; it was a close game. When we arrived it was raining, and in true Seattle style the sun was out for us to leisurely walk home from the stadium.Christie


Some snapshots from the game.

  • game5
  • fatherson
  • gamenum5
  • sign
  • seattle
  • icee
  • crabsandwich
  • pitch
  • roof
  • superheros
  • knuckleball
  • airplane
  • coffee
  • flowers
  • John
  • map
  • mapstore
  • oysters
  • sam
  • sunset
  • tower
  • tram
  • view

Thank you for following along! Stay tuned, next we are heading to San Diego, California to the Petco Park, on June 4th, 2016. See you after!

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