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Major League Baseball Tour 2016 – Turner Field

Posted on October 26 2016

Major League Baseball Tour

Colorado Rockies
Atlanta Braves

out of 30


Flip this card to see the score of the game!


Colorado Rockies- 0
Atlanta Braves- 1

Atlanta Braves WIN!



    18,873 fans


    3 hours 22 minutes


    Turner Field, Atlanta, Georgia


    87 degrees, partly cloudy

Did you know?

As we travel from one Major League Baseball stadium to the next, we are really enjoying how each stadium is completely different and has its own character, history, and architecture. Here are a few of the unusual facts about Turner Field that we found especially interesting.

Facts Unique to
Turner Field

Parking Lot

  • The parking lot is painted with the field location and configuration of the old ballpark. The section of the outfield wall with the monument marking where Hank Aaron’s 715th home run went over it was reinstalled in its original location, and still stands today.


  • Capacity: 49,586 fans
  • Mascot:
    Rally, Homer, Chief Noc-A-Homa
  • Stadium opened March 29, 1997

Cool Fact!

The longest game by time, and in Braves history, was played on July 26–27, 2011 between the Braves and the Pittsburgh Pirates. The game lasted 6 hours and 39 minutes with the Braves winning controversially 4–3 in 19 innings. The Braves’ previous longest game by time was 6:10 against the Mets on July 4, 1985, at Atlanta–Fulton County Stadium.

Our Reflections on the Game

Advice and reflections from the Glanville Team

Thoughts from James

Turner Field was big disappointment. We were happy to hear about, and even got to see the new stadium being built in Atlanta in a different area of town that is more accessible.
It was a journey to Turner Field and there is no good parking. The field is old and the seats are dirty and old. I am sorry to say this is #30 of all the stadiums I visited. The food was awful and no ICEE drinks. It was a big disappointment all the way around.James

Christie’s Thoughts

I have to agree with young James on this one! It is also my least favorite of all the stadiums. It is a smart choice not to overhaul this stadium but instead build a new one in a better location of Atlanta. From a fan’s standpoint, the food courts or lack thereof, the dirty and uncomfortable seats, as well as the inconvenient location, all factored into this being my least favorite of all 30 MLB stadiums.Christie


Some snapshots from the game.

  • burger
  • coolzone
  • fieldhi
  • hotel
  • peanuts
  • smile

Thank you for following along! Stay tuned, next we are heading to Cincinnati, Ohio to Great American Ball Park, on July 21st, 2016. See you after!

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