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Geo-Joint: 100 Places to See Before You Die

Posted on March 04 2015

100 Places to See

It’s a small world…but it’s a huge world too. Almost 200 countries, some vast. A bajillion cities. And tons of national parks and other natural spaces. If you like to travel, what are the best and/or most important places to experience? A lot of people have contemplated that question and more than a few have whittled the number of key destinations down to their list of “100 places to see before you die.” As you might expect, everybody has their own preferences, so the lists vary, but they share a lot of the well-known iconic locations. It’s interesting to peruse the collections and see how many you’ve been to and how many you’d want to go to. Of course, travel is not a contest of completing a checklist, or at least it shouldn’t be. The list should really act as a motivator to fire up your engines for new discovery. Unless you’re made of money or focus all your limited funds in the pursuit of travel, you probably won’t make it to all of the suggested places, but part of the fun is dreaming.

Since we’re all different, anyone else’s list has a location you might consider ridiculous, and leaves off someplace you have always wanted to see. That’s the fun of it – you don’t have to take any list as gospel, or as an assignment. All this might inspire you to work up your own list. Depending upon your preference for culture or for nature, your list might look a lot different from another Maps.commer’s. For those of us lucky enough to live in the Golden State, there could easily be 100 diverse places worthy of visiting without even crossing any state borders. It all depends on how specific you want to get. No doubt our friends living in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland, Virginia, Texas (or even Canada!) could compile their own list of 100 gems.

And if by chance you do make it to all 100 of your top destinations foreign or domestic, there’s a book called 1000 Places to See Before You Die – an order of magnitude higher! It seems a lot of the author’s listings involve high-end hotels, but getting beyond 100 probably allows inclusion of a bunch of second-tier, thoroughly fascinating locales.

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