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  • Geo-Joint: New Brunswick

    Feb 28 2017

    Americans are funny. By and large, we don’t pay much attention to the world outside our borders, except when there is some kind of conce...

  • Geo-Joint: The Saguaro Cactus

    Feb 22 2017

    The saguaro cactus, Carnegiea gigantea, can’t be missed. Not only are they everywhere in western design, symbolic of the desert landscap...

  • Geo-Joint: No-snake zones

    Feb 15 2017

    Being reptiles, snakes are cold-blooded. That doesn’t mean they’re out to kill you with nary a pang of guilt (though of course that coul...

  • Geo-Joint: The Darien Gap

    Feb 12 2017

    If you’re feeling like a major road trip, the longest point-to-point, motorable road you can undertake is the Pan-American Highway, a ja...

  • Geo-Joint: The Science of Twinkle

    Feb 01 2017

    For stargazers older than first-graders, it’s no news that stars are giant balls of flaming gas, just like our Mr. Sun. That they’re so ...