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  • Geo-Joint: Arctic “Land Rush”

    Sep 01 2015

    With the exception of the Inuit and other hardy souls of the Far North, the deep Arctic stood as a formidable outland for centuries and ...

  • Geo-Joint: The Rainmaker

    Aug 25 2015

    Southern California has weathered many droughts, most endured by native peoples who couldn’t do much but seek the most reliable of their...

  • Geo-Joint: Lake Mead’s Third Straw

    Jul 29 2015

    Image: Flickr Reservoirs are an ingenious solution to sustaining life in places where it doesn’t rain throughout the year, and there are...

  • Geo-Joint: Chernobyl and the Red Forest

    Jul 21 2015

    Hard to believe that some of you Maps.commers weren’t even born when it happened, but on April 26, 1986, the worst nuclear power plant a...

  • Geo-Joint: Deep wine storage

    Jul 15 2015

    Some readers of the Geo-Joint may be baffled by the notion of wine storage. Get the corkscrew! Twist the cap! Unseal the spigot! Let’s h...

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