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10 Jobs that Will Have You Traveling the World

Posted on October 02 2015

Traveling the World

Most of us have to work at a job every day in order to make a living. That is, unless you are in line to inherit a chain of hotels or department stores. In that case, you can skip this article altogether. As for the rest of us, we may have to work, but no one says that work has to be dull. Add an exotic location to almost any job and it becomes infinitely cooler. That said, here are a few jobs that will have you traveling the world:


1. Sommelier

SommelierTravel to exotic and upscale restaurants and get paid to taste wine- can it be so? If you have a gifted palate and the coveted title of sommelier, then yes, you can get paid to imbibe fine wine in ritzy locales. Becoming a sommelier is no easy task, however, and few can pass the tests to gain that title. The U.S.-based Court of Master Sommeliers provides training and certification, as does the London-based Wine & Spirit Education Trust. You must be able to describe wine, know the wine regions, and even blind taste and identify wines. To achieve master levels in either the Master Sommelier or Master of Wine can take years, and there are fewer than 300 Masters of Wine and fewer than 200 Master Sommeliers in the world. The upside is that with so few people able to become sommelier masters, there is a demand.


2. Chef


For foodies nothing is more exciting than traveling somewhere exotic and trying something new. But what about preparing something new? Set yourself apart by specializing in a cuisine and maybe creating a signature dish or two that gets people talking. Having something that makes your culinary skills unique will help you get a job at a restaurant in the location of your dreams. In most cases you’ll need culinary training, but who says you can’t choose a school in your favorite country?


3. English Teacher


If English is your first language then it might be something you take for granted. However, speaking English may be your ticket to living in a foreign country. Schools that teach English in foreign countries always need native English speakers. Imagine- you can travel to another country and make money doing something you do every day without effort. You’ll want to get Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certification and then start contacting schools that teach English in foreign countries. Think about it- living in China for a year. Then, maybe Italy. Then, who knows where?


4. Winemaker


Wine isn’t just the domain of France or Italy. Wine grapes are popular all over the world these days and winemakers love to learn from winemakers in other regions. Many wineries have winemaker exchange programs, where you can spend a season learning from fellow winemakers producing excitingly different varietals. Learn how to produce Shiraz in Australia, or Champagne in France. You don’t even have to be a winemaker; often wineries will take on cellar and vineyard help during the harvest season. While you need some experience to become a winemaker, if you’re willing to bust out some hard work, wineries often hire on extra help for the harvest, and are often willing to train. Check out sites like to find positions anywhere your favorite grapes are grown.


5. Traveling Nurse


Every country has a need for good medical care for its citizens. If a solid 9 to 5 job makes you squeamish (but blood and needles don’t), then consider becoming a traveling nurse. There is definitely worldwide travel potential, but becoming a traveling nurse is also great if you simply want to travel the United States. Nursing jobs are always in demand, but sometimes hospitals simply hire a nurse temporarily. You can be assigned to New York for several months before heading to Chicago, or even Hawaii. You’ll need to have a Registered Nurse license but many community colleges and vocational schools have two-year programs that will fast-track you to becoming a traveling medical professional.


6. Cruise Ship Staff


This has long been a favorite job of travel-seekers because it offers excellent perks. Fresh ocean breezes, long expansive views of the horizon, a paycheck, and room and board. Just like any land-based venue that caters to tourists, cruise ships need employees to assure that visitors experience an unforgettable time. Cruise ships often hire bartenders, room attendants, servers, chefs, and just about any other service occupation. If you have excellent customer service skills and like meeting new people, a cruise ship will give you the chance to travel and make money. Check out the job listings on the website of your favorite cruise line for openings.


7. Surf Instructor


Some of the best waves are often in some of the most beautiful beach locations. Think North Shore, Oahu, Mavericks in California, or Tavarua, Fiji. If you love to surf, finding a way to surf these locales would be ideal. Become a surf instructor and you’ve found a way to finance your surf trips. There is no formal training needed, though you might want to be up to date on your CPR certification. When the waves are small you can market your skill to tourists anxious to take their first surf lesson, and when the surfing is good, well, you get to clock out for the day.


8. Destination Wedding Photographer


Maybe hanging around someone’s wedding and taking photos of the happy couple all day doesn’t sound like the most exciting photography gig. Then again, it all depends on where the wedding is taking place. Somebody needs to take the photos of those lucky couples who get married on the beach in Kauai, and why shouldn’t it be you? You’ve got the photography skills, the camera, and a portfolio of wedding pictures you were forced to take that time you needed money. Reinvent yourself as a destination wedding photographer and you’ll still have to hang around a wedding party, but at least it will be in some of the most desirable locations.


9. Writer


Sure, you are probably inundated with ads on Facebook or other sites telling you how you too can make money and travel the world as a writer, but the thing of it is, it’s true. People do it all the time. Will you get rich off of it? Probably not, but that’s never been the allure of being a writer anyway. It’s about the experience, and mostly, about the travel. You can travel, write articles on your travels, and sell those to various publications. You can also get work as a travel guide writer. You can find writer’s guidelines in books like the Writer’s Market that list the type of articles specific publications accept, and more importantly, how much they pay. Write your article, and following the guidelines, pitch it to editors. Over time you’ll be able to piece together enough money from your work to pay for your travels.


10. Consultant


This one is by far the most open-ended option, and that’s a good thing. Likely you’ve got a skill that you don’t even know is marketable. Maybe you’re an expert at office management or bookkeeping. Find something you do now that you excel at, and offer to teach, or “consult” with organizations to show their staff how to do what you do. If you can demonstrate your proficiency in that area, you’ll have companies paying you to show them just how you do it.

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