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10 of Our Least Favorite New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on January 21 2016


It’s that time of year again. That special time when glitter sprinkles down and wipes away all the grit of the previous year. Everyone gets a clean slate and all that less than stellar, regrettable, or even embarrassing stuff you did in the last year gets magically wiped away. With that fresh, clean canvas we head into the new year with new resolve. However, some of those resolutions miss the mark when it comes to setting attainable goals. The following resolutions are some of the most common but most impossible, making them some of our least favorite resolution. Here is a list of our 10 least favorite New Year’s resolutions:

Resolution #1: Work out more

Work out

Of course you don’t really want to work out more, because if you wanted to work out for the pure enjoyment of working out, you’d already be doing it. Chances are you really want to be fit or lose weight, so why not make that a goal and make working out one of the ways you accomplish that goal?

Resolution #2: Eat healthier

Eat Healthier

The problem with this resolution is that it’s so vague people tend to go overboard, get frustrated, and then quit. A better solution would be to define what eating healthier means to you. You might want to resolve to cut out fast food or limit yourself to one piece of chocolate a day. Then again, who are you kidding? Chocolate demands indulgence.

Resolution #3: Get organized

Get Organized

While this is a fantastic goal, it can be another one of those overly broad ones. What do you want to organize? Your house? Your office work space? Your life? If it’s all those things, you’ve got an even bigger problem: tackling all those things is a little much. Narrow it down to one or two and you’ve got yourself a real, obtainable goal.

Resolution #4: Save money

Save Money

Saving money is a great resolution to make because January starts a new tax year and therefore it really is a fresh start. However it’s one of our least favorite resolutions because nobody really ever follows through with this one. But don’t hang your head in shame and melt into that pile of new shoes you bought with your tax return. Instead, resolve to visit a financial planner who will set you up with a monthly savings strategy.

Resolution #5: Embark on a detox


We love a good detox or cleanse, but they aren’t for everyone. Take for instance the popular juice cleanse. If you have a hectic schedule or health problems, it may be difficult to pull off and therefore set you up for a feeling of failure. Sometimes a good detox can be simply limiting the junk you put into your body—think alcohol, sugar and fat.

Resolution #6: Quit drinking

Quit drinking

Our first words about this resolution are: Yeah right. But really, year after year this resolution is declared from atop the mountain of previously failed attempts. A wiser and more successful attempt would include a resolution to limit the number of drinks per week (or maybe per night—you know who you are), or try to abstain for a finite period like two weeks, and then extend it.

Resolution #7: Talk to your mother more

Talk to your mother more

Of course you need to talk to your mother more. In fact, call her right now! This is one of our least favorite resolutions because it’s sad that it needs to be a resolution in the first place. Also, if at the end of the year you don’t feel like you talked to her enough you’ll be filled with guilt. Instead try, establishing a weekly meeting or phone call with Dear Ol’ Mom.

Resolution #8: Make amends with an old friend

Make amends with an old friend

Were you a rotten friend to someone? Hey, we’ve all been there. But sometimes making amends is self-serving. You may feel like you really need to apologize and ask for forgiveness, but you may be simply opening up old wounds for someone else in order to feel better by getting something off your own chest. Consider carefully whether making amends will benefit you or your old friend more.

Resolution #9: Get over an ex

Get Over Your Ex

Everybody finds a little more confidence at the start of the new year. Your mind is set. Your chest puffs out a bit more with confidence and optimism. You are strong! And then, you hear that one song on the radio on a rainy day at Starbucks, and you search for a legitimate excuse to call your ex. Don’t be hard on yourself. Even those of us with a will of steel will succumb to a gray day filled with Adele, a soft rain, and a gingerbread latte. Don’t resolve to mourn the loss of an ill-fated relationship—vow to find a fun and exciting new one.

Resolution #10: Volunteer more


This resolution is filled with good intentions but lacks vision. To make this a reality in the coming year you’ll need to look at a few things: where do you want to volunteer and why? Most importantly, ask yourself if volunteering realistically fits into your schedule. If not, maybe a hearty donation can also help out your favorite cause.

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