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A Conversation With the Authors of Island Visions

Posted on April 21 2021

A Conversation With the Authors of Island Visions


We chatted with the authors of "Island Visions," a book about the mysterious and wonderful Channel Islands. The islands are home to tiny island foxes found nowhere else on the planet, gigantic blue whales with hearts the size of cars, and towering underwater forests of kelp. Heck with dragons, here there be wonder!

Island Visions weaves together 200+ hand-drawn maps and illustrations with over 40 stories from these finned, flippered, and footed sages who know the Channel Islands best. From TED Prize winner Dr. Sylvia Earle to Patagonia Surf Ambassador Liz Clark, spiny sea urchins to giant sea bass, diverse voices from the past, present, and future bring to life the importance of these tiny island on a global level.

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