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Monday April 12 Cartography Inspiration Round Up

Posted on April 12 2021

Monday April 12 Cartography Inspiration Round Up

Compiled by Ali Harford



The Cartographer’s Guild—a “forum created by and for map makers and aficionados,” and usually populated by fantasy map illustrators—published its 2021 Atlas Award Winners two weeks ago. The winner of “Best Large Area Map” is this whimsical and gorgeous fantasy map of “Arlys,” by Guild member . Note the carefully hand-drawn details, enchanting typography, 3D layout, and constellation border. The artist drew the map in Photoshop and sells prints on InPrint

A Map of "Arlys"



5 New Trails to Unusual Destinations” by Megan Michelson for Outside Magazine. The best thing about trail maps is that they’re always changing and growing in response to new discoveries!



Unraveling a Map-Maker's Dangerous Decision,” an episode on the podcast “Overheard at National Geographic,” is a fascinating story about “Hodgson’s line,” a map mistake that started a 30-year war between India and Pakistan.



This tweet by user @alienvsrobbins, which reads: “i got vaccinated in an abandoned kmart. my friend is getting her shot in a minor league baseball stadium (“home of the long island ducks”). another friend in dodger stadium. there’s a critical-geography essay in here somewhere, a hinterland of medicalized american space”




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