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Map: Where to view the June 10 “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse

Posted on June 07 2021

Map: Where to view the June 10 “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse


Photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash


By Ali Harford

Have you recovered from the spiritual awakening the lunar eclipse brought you on May 26? Good—just in time for the June 10 solar eclipse!

This eclipse is being referred to as a “Ring of Fire” solar eclipse because on June 10, the moon will be too far away from the Earth to fully block out the sun, which will create an annulus—or ring of light—from the outer rim of the sun. This type of eclipse is an “annular” solar eclipse. There are two other types: a total solar eclipse, during which the moon blocks the sun completely; and a partial solar eclipse, during which the sun appears to have a dark shadow due to the moon passing in front of it, but not being entirely aligned.

According to NASA, annular eclipses are especially crucial to studying the sun’s corona, or outermost layer. Since the moon will block the sun’s glare, this is one of the best times for scientists to safely observe the corona. 

And if you’re here for the spiritual meaning, the June 10 solar eclipse, in the 20th degree of Gemini, will “reveal the qualities that we manifest as we mature, and the path we must walk to step into an independent, unique expression of our being,” according to Astro-Awakenings. I’m ready.

The eclipse will be visible in Canada and the Arctic, via NASA. The next solar eclipse will be on December 4 but will only be visible in Antarctica. 

Solar Eclipse Map


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