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Monday May 17 Carto Inspiration Round Up

Posted on May 17 2021

Monday May 17 Carto Inspiration Round Up


Compiled by Ali Harford


Brood X Cicada Map


The Brood X, or Great Eastern Brood, cicadas have re-emerged from underground as part of their 17-year cycle. This map, made by the University of Connecticut, draws on data from literature dating back to 1923 and from current citizen science projects to show where the Brood X cicadas are. It’s a fantastic visualization of data.


Map of Trump's Boundaries of the Bears Ears National Monument


The Bears Ears National Monument was initially created under the Obama administration, then diminished under the Trump administration, and now, President Biden has reportedly been mulling over restoring the original boundaries. This article, written in 2018 following Trump’s proclamation, explores how to map this situation. While the article is old, it still discusses relevant points: mapping the Bears Ears National Monument relates to the management of the lands and the public claims processes, information which can be difficult to access. The article also explores the politics of mapping Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands. It’s a useful read, especially considering that we might have to re-map this area soon. 


Scene from Above podcast


The Scene from Above Podcast, whose tenth season premiered May 3, is about “Earth observation, remote sensing, geospatial and geeky chat,” according to their Twitter. The hosts, Alastair and Andrew, interview a geographer in each episode. They also discuss GIS in the news. The podcast isn’t too jargon-filled for non-GIS professionals, but always manages to discuss relevant and new information about the GIS world. 


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