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Introduction to Our May Theme: Roadtrips

Posted on April 30 2021

Introduction to Our May Theme: Roadtrips


By Ali Harford

The “roadtrip” is both the epitome of the American dream and its antithesis: the exploration of our vast world, the freedom of the wide-open road, the inevitable and wicked boredom, the snacks (candy) that seem like a good idea until you’ve had a bag of gummy worms for lunch four days in a row. But there’s something that keeps drawing us all back to the roadtrip.

It’s no secret that roadtrips during COVID. When air travel shut down, people turned to the road instead. In June 2020, RV sales went up 11%.

Whatever type of roadtrip you’re planning this summer, we’ve got you covered. This month, we’re writing posts including how to link the best stargazing destinations, the most popular roadtrips on every continent, and where to see the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 26. We’ll teach you the secrets to avoiding boredom and point out the best places to stop for lunch.

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