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Monday April 19 Carto Inspiration Round Up

Posted on April 19 2021

Monday April 19 Carto Inspiration Round Up


Compiled by Ali Harford 



Wildfire season is expected to start early this year following droughts in the West. In March, National Geographic published a series of global wildfire maps using NASA imagery. The maps show where the fires were, when the fires started, and the length of time they burned.



“Mapping Gottfried Merzbacher” by Morgan Hite, on The Wandering Cartographer, is an in-depth discussion on the history of Lake Merzbacher. This lake, named for Gottfried Merzbacher, sits on a glacier and comes and goes as ice intermittently blocks the flow of meltwater. The blog post follows Merzbacher’s journey to discovering the lake and works through issues of translating historical data onto modern maps.



The Center for Oral History and Digital Storytelling at Concordia University is hosting a series of virtual conversations on maps and stories. On June 3, at 12pm EST, the conversation topic is “Speaking (with) maps: A Threefold Map-Talk on Cartographic Objects, Narratives and Migrancies.” Registration is free.


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Map of the Week 

1969 Map of Santa Barbara Oil Spill



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