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Monday April 26 Carto Inspiration Round Up

Posted on April 26 2021

Monday April 26 Carto Inspiration Round Up


Compiled by Ali Harford


"The Gap" map


It’s always useful to find inspiration beyond classic maps—maps are used all over the place, for a huge variety of professions. One of those professions is architecture! I’ve noticed that architects usually create gorgeous layouts for their information-heavy maps. This week’s map is the winner of the 2019 Future Park Design Competition in Australia, called “The Gap,” designed by Marti Fooks, Claire Winsor, Suhas Vasudeva and Jacqueline Heggli. I know nothing about the architecture, but the map is fantastic.



Portolan Charts


“Mapping the sea: Let’s take a look at Portolan Charts,” written by CJ Schuler is a historical deep-dive about portolan charts, which I never knew existed. The charts were used throughout the Middle Ages, and helped sailors navigate the sea without bumping into marine hazards such as sandbars and reefs.



La Brega Podcast


The podcast episode, “Levittown, Where the Good Life Begins,” on the podcast “La Brega,” tells the curious story of a suburb meant to bring “the American middle-class lifestyle to Puerto Rico.” It reminded me that geography and cartography are mediums for place-based storytelling, and every good map begins with an even better story. “La Brega” is a seven-part series that tells the stories of life in Puerto Rico.


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Map of the Week 

Antarctic Iceberg Tracks map



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