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Aye Aye Captain

Posted on October 12 2020

Aye Aye Captain

Dear Educators,

Our GNN article this week is about the USS Holland submarine and its impact on the military, and history. For those of us teaching and working remotely during COVID, there is a lot we can learn from submariners. How to stay productive, efficient, and happy in the void or extreme reduction of connection and freedom, is a challenge we have all faced and tried to overcome. The struggle with this has hit us as parents and teachers and tests our children and students as well. As this becomes the new normal, it’s important for us to remember that it is, in fact, far from normal! We are still aboard this strange metaphorical submarine, not sure when our mission ends, so we need to keep striving to be effective and happy for as long as we have to stay under the sea…

Geography News Network

From its commission in 1900, the U.S.S. Holland was destined for greatness. Initially heralded as the most important contribution to naval science, it had a profound impact on not just military technology but history itself! The story is fascinating, and this K-12-friendly article will bring it to life for your students!

The Largest Naval Bases

The US Navy celebrates its 245th birthday on October 13th—Happy Birthday! It is an impressive and powerful branch of the military, with bases all over the United States. Where are the biggest ones? This map will show you! Could be a fun opportunity for an intellectual version of the game Battleship: have your students take a guess as to where they might be, and see which ones they strike!

The Hunley, Confederate Submarine

Not all submarines, and submariners for that matter, return to land triumphantly…. This National Geographic video shows the excavation of an unfortunate, Confederate, Civil War submarine recovered in South Carolina, the H.L Hunley. They learn about the crew’s fate and examine the wreckage.

We all live in an isolated submarine....

What can we learn from submariners about dealing with isolation? A lot! This article identifies strategies to keep your mindset, body, and life functioning under these strange circumstances. We might not be 20,000 leagues under the sea, but we are probably 20,000 zoom calls deep into madness!

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