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Curated Collections on Maps101: An Introduction

Posted on October 03 2021

Curated Collections on Maps101: An Introduction

Dear Educators,

Maps101 creates exclusive content that is only available through your subscription. 

We are especially proud of our Curated Collections. They feature topics that support DEI awareness, such as Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, and Women’s History Month. We also focus on Climate Change, Earth Day, and STEM content. For Texas users, our Texas Recognition Days collection helps you stay on top of the state’s requirements. And there is more, because with Maps101, there is ALWAYS more (full atlases for the Cold War, Western Civilization, the Middle East, California, and Texas; Election Maps; Geography Awareness Week . . . you see what we mean!) Maps101 has thousands of pieces of content for your classroom. This newsletter is to help you learn about what you have access to.

Let’s take a look at a few of our Curated Collections. These special collections are easily accessed under the Collections dropdown menu on the main tool bar. Notice there are numerous other Collections as well. With your subscription, you have access to ALL of our content.

Hispanic Heritage Month

This month-long celebration started September 15th, the date when many Latin countries earned freedom from Spain. This collection highlights content that is valuable and relevant to share with students this month—or any time. The recent census from 2020 shows the percentage of each state’s population that includes people who identify as Hispanic. See our map, below, and read about Hispanic Heritage Month in this Geography News Network Article.


For the entire Curated Collection about Hispanic Heritage Month, follow this link, and share with students before the celebration ends on October 15th.

Black History Month

February is specifically devoted to Black History Month, and here at Maps101, we have a range of content that is especially valuable to use at that time—BUT, why restrict DEI learning to just February? This collection includes Geography News Network (GNN) articles and biographies of people you are likely familiar with, but also those who are notable yet not well known to students, such as “Stagecoach Mary” Fields, Bessie Coleman, Jesse Owens, or Hattie McDaniel. All of these African Americans broke multiple stereotypes on their way to achievement. These are only a handful of examples that are in our Curated Collection on Black History Month. Students also need to understand the history of slavery in America, African Americans in World War II, the civil rights movement, the Civil War, and the slave trade. Through exclusive GNN Articles, maps, Field Trips, and more, Maps101 tells many, valuable stories about Black Americans. An example of this content is a GNN Junior article on Bessie Coleman. It was developed with upper elementary student-leveling in mind. GNN is a window into the quality of content your subscription provides.


To access the entire Black History Month Curated Collection, use this link to discover what your students can read, watch, and learn.

Women's History Month

In March, right after Black History Month, is Women’s History Month. This Curated Collection also includes numerous biographies of women whom students should know. Kamala Harris, for example, is a groundbreaker in the United States for being the first female vice president. Mae Jemison, Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks, Ida B. Wells, Greta Thunberg, and Hillary Clinton are some of the other women featured in this collection. Students can also learn about women’s suffrage—the time when women earned the right to vote in the United States—through multimedia, such as articles, maps, and videos.

Women’s suffrage has been an issue throughout the world, not only in the U.S. This map shows the decade in which women of various countries earned their voting rights. Similarly, women’s roles in democracy have not been as high as men’s. Above the map is a list of important female political leaders from around the world and when they were first elected.


To access the amazing content on women’s history that is available to you with your Maps101 subscription, click the link below.

Texas Recognition Days

The introduction to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) acknowledges that "State and federal laws mandate [in the classroom] a variety of celebrations and observances" throughout the school year. The Texas Recognition Days in Maps101 helps you follow this mandate with engaging content for these observances. Content is arranged by month, although not all months have content recognized in TEKS. Texas-specific content includes interactive Field Trips about the Spanish Influence on Texas, the Republic of Texas, and the cattle industry in the state. Maps101 also remembers the Alamo, as your Texas students should as well! Below, use the provided link to learn more about the oil industry in Texas with our interactive Field Trip.


Review Maps101’s exclusive Texas Recognition Days content as one of our many Curated Collections.

Climate Change Collection

This brief overview must end even though we are so excited we could keep going on. But we know you have a lot on your plate. Let’s end this week with our Climate Change Curated Collection. No doubt you and your students read weekly, if not daily, about freakish weather events around the world. Today’s students will be tomorrow’s leaders. Understanding the human effect on our world is not just fundamental to learning geography, it is fundamental to human survival. Changes in climate not only affect the land, however. Our oceans too are warming. This GNN article explains more.


Whether students are studying Earth science, geography, history, or English, they can all benefit from the content within our Climate Change Curated Collection. Access it to discover what your students NEED to know.

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