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Endings and Completion...

Posted on June 01 2020

Endings and Completion...

Dear Educators,

Many of us are wrapping up what has been one of the strangest school years we’ve ever lived through. Endings are important. We are doing the best we can to end this bizarre year powerfully and retreat for a well-earned rest! Planning successful endings can mean the difference between reaching the finish line in chaos, or with grace and composure.

The content in this week’s newsletter is intended to give you some ideas for talking to your students about the importance of endings and completing things with strength.

Cap and Gown

Our hearts go out to the members of the class of 2020, who have not had the opportunity to experience the rite of passage of graduation. The ceremony of completion for graduating is extremely significant for high school and university students. With grads in mind, this week’s Map of the Week shows the five locations with the highest graduation rates.

Geography News Network

The impact of COVID-19 has forced us to have to make some really difficult decisions. Around the world, events, businesses, and organizations are having to make the decision of whether to end, delay, or transform their existence. Sports is one area where that decision has had impacts on events for which people have spent their whole lives in preparation. This article talks about which events have ended or changed.

Calendar Connections

Saturday is the anniversary of D-Day, which was the beginning of the end of the Nazi hold over Europe in World War II. The deep significance of the events of that day would only be apparent after the fact. It makes you wonder—what and when are our turning points in our war against the coronavirus? Only time will tell.

Why We Do What We Do

Imminent endings can have a very positive effect on our psychology as well! Even the end of something that has brought us joy can actually provide benefits to our mental health. This article talks about some of the theories behind why saying goodbye can make us happier. Endings help us become more present, they bring us together, allow us to let go of the past, and focus on the future we really want to create. With every goodbye comes a hello, with every completed chapter comes a fresh page where we can continue writing our story.

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