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Extreme Weather Is Everywhere!

Posted on August 01 2021

Extreme Weather Is Everywhere!

Dear Educators,

The Bootleg Fire in Oregon involves over 410,000 acres of land. California and the West Coast are experiencing record high temperatures. A typhoon is expected to affect the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, hurricane season started early this year, monsoons in India are causing destruction and many have already died, and flooding is an unexpected event in Central Europe. Clearly, today’s world is experiencing extreme weather, and it is happening everywhere on the planet. Maps101 content is available to help you and your students to understand extreme weather, learn about specific events, see events captured on video, and learn about climate change in our exclusive collection of content. Take a look this week at just a few examples of extreme weather featured in Maps101.


Follow the Bootleg Fire on the government website here:

Geography News Network

Residents of Central Europe have been struggling in the aftermath of flooding that some meteorologists say was the region’s worst on record. Recent heavy rainfall has caused catastrophic flooding in areas of Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. As water breached riverbanks, the resulting floods destroyed homes and knocked out communication lines. The human toll has been deadly. Read this GNN article to learn more.

Maps101 Collection

While scientists, experts, politicians, and citizens debate climate change, it is clear that understanding it is important for the well-prepared students of the twenty-first century. Maps101’s Climate Change Collection is a curated collection that provides a wide variety of content to engage students in this important topic. There you will find more Field Trips, activities, articles, and maps that address climate change. Today, when teaching about extreme weather, it is necessary for students that you also include climate change, regardless of your point of view on the subject. Students need the critical-thinking skills necessary to evaluate the news and other resources in order for them to draw their own conclusions. Maps101 supports you and your students in this work.

Field Trip

Field Trips are interactive tours on a variety of topics. This week, let’s look at the Extreme Weather Field Trip. The topic is presented on a map with points of interest that help students with geography skills. Each point of interest has an accompanying image and text. In this Field Trip, we first look at what weather is. Then, we move to discussions about wind, tornadoes, hurricanes, monsoons, blizzards, drought, and more. After completing the Field Trip, students will have a solid understanding of extreme weather from which to analyze current events.


Researching There have been numerous instances of extreme weather, as noted in the introductory paragraph. Have students research recent news to make a list of these events and where they are located.

Approaching Level Then, divide the class into groups based on the events and assign each group an event to further explore. Have them present a slideshow to the class about their event.

On Level Discuss hypotheses about why these events are occurring. Interested students can research more about climate change and make connections between what they have learned and these events. Help them formulate questions to ask as they research.

On Level/Beyond Level For example: Have there been other periods in Earth’s history that have had similar weather extremes? What is climate change, and how does it affect Earth? Why do people disagree about climate change and whether it affects Earth? How do people affect the environment?

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