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Focusing on Economics - Globally and in the U.S.

Posted on April 04 2021

Focusing on Economics - Globally and in the U.S.

Dear Educators,

Recent news regarding the ship Ever Given running aground, blocking the Suez Canal, and causing a massive traffic jam, shows how one event can have global impact. In fact, this is such a remarkable story in illustration of this point, that it will be our Geography News Network article for the week. The 21st-century student needs to understand globalization and economics to be well educated. This week, we are featuring not just one new GNN article but several that emphasize this point, while providing geographic connections for students.

Geography News Network
First, this week’s new GNN article will explore shipping through the Suez Canal and the recent events that happened there.

Help students make the connection between canals like the Suez Canal and their importance for shipping goods. They can make travel much easier by providing quicker access, which in turn can reduce costs to the consumer. The Panama Canal is a fantastic example of this principle. You can go back into the Maps101 archives and find this article on the Panama Canal to help students understand why canals are important.


But that’s not all! You can also use the Maps 101 archives to remind students how the world’s economy is truly global. Items that you purchase in a store in your state may have come from all over the world. Use this GNN article on the globalization of tennis balls to help students see just how remarkable the world’s economy is.

Ever Given

Our Map of the Week will of course feature the Suez Canal and the fateful ship the Ever Given. Wind plus a huge container ship that is difficult to manage in a narrow canal apparently can cause serious trouble for the global economy.

Fundamentals of U.S. Economy

Here at Maps 101, we will continue to focus on economics this week with our latest Lesson Map on the basics of the U.S economy. Students will learn about the market economy, who Adam Smith was, how supply and demand work, what opportunity cost is, and more. 

Review the student version in class or assign it individually, as it is the perfect tool for online learning. Then, you can use the teacher wraparound edition to find a wide variety of activities to increase student understanding, practice critical-thinking skills, and engage students of a variety of learning levels.

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