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Geography Is Everywhere and Is Everything

Posted on July 11 2021

Geography Is Everywhere and Is Everything

Dear Educators,

Although Maps101 includes a massive number of maps, our content isn’t only maps, as you no doubt know from using us in your classroom. In fact, we support all social studies, science, English language arts, fine arts and music, and even physical education. Why? The answer is simple: geography is everywhere, and it is everything!!!!

This may sound odd to those of you who are not geography teachers, but we assure you that geography encompasses whatever you are teaching. Why? Because all knowledge comes from people, and people live all over the world. All cultures, including the achievements of all people from the earliest to today, the histories of civilizations, and all things related to people, are greatly affected by the particular places in the world where those things happen—in other words, by geography. 

This week, let’s take a look at how Maps101 benefits science and ELA classrooms.

Earth Science GeoQuests for Every State

GeoQuests combine a map with activities using the map as an interactive component. The Earth Science GeoQuest is available for every state in the U.S. Each focuses on the climate, land use, and resources of that state. Each uses an Understanding by Design-style Ask, Acquire, Explore, Analyze, and Act framework to engage students. While climate, land use, and resources available on that land relate to Earth Science, they are all features of geography too.  In addition, these topics lend themselves to discussions about economics and history. The ELA class may benefit from this extended content to understand an author’s point of view or the meaning of a book. While these GeoQuests are intended for Earth Science, here is an excellent example of how content can be cross-curricular and benefit numerous studies and age ranges. 


Biographies help students learn about the people that have inspired, developed, led, or otherwise engaged us. From sports figures, to artists, to women, to world leaders, to African Americans and so many more, biographies fundamentally tell stories. They must be engaging. They follow a linear plot. They highlight successes and failures. And most important, they show us what humans can do.

Review our extensive collection of biographical material, including articles, maps, videos, and more. 


Of course, this is a small sample of content suited to these subject areas. There is much more to discover in Maps101 with your subscription.


Analyzing Use the GeoQuest for your state in class by projecting it on the board and going through the questions and activities, or assign it as homework. Through it, students will analyze the importance of the climate, land uses, and resources of your state.

Making Connections Ask students to pick a biography from the Maps101 collection to focus on and then have them explain why they picked this person to learn more about. What connection do they have with the student? How is the person similar to or different from them? How is this person inspirational? Encourage students to make connections between their own lives and the lives of others.

High-quality geography products for the classroom. From globes to wall maps, atlases to games, offers a wealth of products to help put your classroom on the map.
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