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Hear Her Roar!

Posted on February 28 2021

Hear Her Roar!

Dear Educators,
It’s once again the month where we celebrate all the strong, powerful women who have changed the course of history. Women’s History Month is an opportunity for us to inspire the next generation who will create these stories of their own. Celebrating the power and influence of women goes against the narrative of the submissive, “lesser” gender that has been historically perpetuated. This is important not just for little girls to see for the inspiration of their personal journey, but for all children regardless of gender.
Stereotypes destroy freedom. They create friction inside your head when your own true desires go against what is perceived as “normal” in one’s society. They invade the mental freedom that allows us to be fully self-expressed, and they cause us to fight against ourselves. All of us have likely at some point had to make the choice to go against the grain and express ourselves in a way that might be scary. As a service to the society of the future, let’s work together to expose our students to as many stories that defy those stereotypes as possible, and maybe, just maybe, they will get to grow up in a world where those stereotypes don’t exist in the first place.

Women's History Month Collection

We know how hard it can be to find K-12-ready resources that can engage and excite the students in your classroom—we want to help!
This collection has been curated by our content team to give you a place to go for Women’s History Month content.
Biographies of notable women, interactive maps exploring women’s suffrage, crossword games, and more. Explore the collection and change stereotypes in your classroom today!

Geography News Network

Hattie McDaniel’s story is intrinsic to the history of cinema. Learn about the impact Hattie had as she became the first Black woman to win an Oscar, and discover how she influenced show business with her record-breaking career.

Key Events In Hattie McDaniel's Life

The GNN article tells you about Hattie McDaniel’s journey through life, and this map shows you that journey! Our cartographers have mapped the key places that influenced Hattie’s life and career. Show your students and encourage them to think: where will their journey take them?


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