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Lady Leaders

Posted on March 07 2021

Lady Leaders

Dear Educators,

Kamala Harris' historical election in January was a win for female leaders in the United States. While we have yet to have a President in a pantsuit many developed nations have to wild excitement of the people. Why is that? In our society, it is considered breaking norms for a woman to be in such an esteemed position of power. Women have been fighting the glass ceiling for decades. It has been considered a more masculine role-but this isn't the case in all of human history. Matriarchal societies have survived and thrived throughout human history. It makes you think of how arbitrary stereotypes are-at some point they were just a perception that a particular society decided was a fact. 
This is why it's so important we teach our students how to question everything! We can assume nothing about the world, we truly have the power to chose our own path.


Geography News Network

Our VP has been in office just a short while but has made a huge impact. What do your students think she's been up to? You could have them read this article from the inauguration and make predictions of what she would do with her first month in office-and then look up current events to find out what actually happened.
What would they have done themselves?

Women and Democracy, 1960-2015
As a little girl I idolized many strong female leaders, Elizabeth I and Bodicea fascinated me deeply as wild, red-haired women who had grown men shaking in their boots. For our students today there are a plethora of impressive contemporary female leaders all over the world for them to idolize. This map shows the first popularly elected female leaders internationally.
Where surprised your students the most? When do they think the United States will join the list?

Research: Women Are Better Leaders During a Crisis

To aspire to true equality it is important to remember being a great leader is based on more than gender or sex. Great leaders come in all bodies and their impact isn't impacted by their packaging.
Yet, it is interesting to look at the statistics of COVID-19 under the leadership of the great men and women of our world. While the sample size is small, it's interesting to see the trend. 
Are women better leaders during a crisis? Why might that be? Explore the topic more in this article.

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