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Overcoming Challenges

Posted on February 21 2021

Overcoming Challenges

Dear Educators,

There are few better feelings than surmounting a challenge that we have been burdened with. The relief of having overcome it, combined with the pride in how, is one of the greatest feelings a human can experience. These stories of success often become the most prized events in our lives. The tricky thing is, in order to overcome them, you have to have challenges in the first place!

The last year has brought some serious challenges to us all, individually and as a society. This week we are looking back at challenges faced and overcome.

Geography News Network

Overcoming discrimination has sadly been a reality for millions of humans. Our historic and present-day prejudice of the majority against minority groups is a pervasive and dark side of our society. Jesse Owens experienced a great deal of discrimination against him based solely on his skin color, and yet, he overcame. This article for grades 6-12 chronicles Jesse’s upbringing and his eventual Olympic triumph! Winning an Olympic medal is success enough, but to do that in Berlin amidst the racist atmosphere of Nazi Germany is an even greater achievement. Read more here!

Olympics in Berlin

In the face of Hitler’s rise to power, Jesse Owens brought home four Olympic gold medals, destroying the notion of Aryan racial supremacy that the Nazis purported. What was the landscape of Germany at that time? Check out this map to help you out!  

FDR and the New Deal

President Roosevelt faced a great number of challenges when he took power in 1933. This lesson map covers the New Deal that FDR created in order to face those challenges. It is a particularly apt time to have our students study this topic as it bears similarities to the current challenges our new president is facing. Ask your students: how does today compare to the political climate of 1933?

The Ancient Greek Olympics

Continuing the theme of overcoming challenges, what better challenge than the Olympic games! Using the resources provided, you can have your students complete a comparison of the Ancient Olympics, Jesse Owens’ Olympics, and the Olympics of today. What’s changed? What hasn’t?

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