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Rainbows in a Storm

Posted on November 23 2020

Rainbows in a Storm

Dear Educators,

As we come up on Thanksgiving 2020, it might be trickier than usual to find things we’re grateful for. For many of us, this has been the hardest year of our lives. However, you might take the perspective that it’s even easier to appreciate the wonderful things in your life when the rest is seemingly falling apart. Becoming present to the deep love we have for our friends and family, for the beauty of nature, the very privilege of being alive, is so much brighter when we look around at the difficulties we’re facing at work (or from losing our jobs), the stress of homeschooling our children, the fear of a virus that could take our lives or the lives of a loved one, and the tension of a country entrenched in political division. The positive lift of love and gratitude create the rainbow in the storm that has been 2020, and how lucky we are to have them. So, this Thanksgiving, whether you’re with your household, visiting virtually, or just plain solo, take a moment to appreciate the rainbows that you’ve experienced in the torrential storm that has been this year!

Geography News Network

Gandhi’s actions not only made a huge impact in India, but his philosophy and personal code of conduct have impacted thousands in years since. It’s hard to quantify how much he reduced the violence in our world, creating peace and inspiration. The thing I admire most about him is his dedication to living his ideals. It’s easy to pontificate values, but to be dedicated to living them is much harder and truly impressive.

Civil Disobedience

Gratitude for the freedoms we have implies gratitude for the people who fought for us to have them, and for those who continue to fight. This awesome map shows the locations of some of the most iconic scenes of civil disobedience. Which one is closest to you and your students?

The Brain Changing Power of Gratitude

Whether they’re studying healthy people, or those who struggle with mental illness, researchers find gratitude makes a difference. Expressing your gratitude changes the way your brain functions and wires you for a more positive attitude. Teaching your students this skill could change their lives forever, and having an opportunity to practice it yourself could make a huge difference to your life too!


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