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Posted on June 22 2020


Dear Educators,

Summer break is in full swing for many of us! There are so many things to love about summer break, the weather, the rest, and the opportunity to reflect. A break can be just the thing we need to reflect and consider our successes and struggles. Life has been challenging in 2020, but I truly believe our nation's teachers have risen to the occasion. It’s been a year of massive growth for most of us as we have been under immense pressure to learn new skills very quickly to better serve our students. Not to mention, doing that under immense stress from unprecedented times. Now we have a break to think about what we learned, what we would change, and who we want to become next school year.

However, after the stress of the year, the first thing we must do is relax and take care of ourselves. Not only have we earned it, but we will be much more effective at self-analysis if we are well-rested. The resources this week are a collection of fun resources to enjoy and to pique your curiosity for your lessons next year.

Coal Production

Curious about coal?! I thought you might be. This map shows the largest coal producers internationally, where do you think the US lies?

Geography News Network

As well as a strange school year, it’s been a very unusual presidential race. What will happen in November is still a mystery, but at this point we know it will come down to a race between Trump and Biden as the official representatives for the Republican and Democratic nominees. Learn more about Biden and his campaign in this article.

Why We Do What We Do

Rest and recovery from stress are vital if you want to protect your brain! Under extreme stress our brains allow the amygdala to take over as it is the part that governs our survival. This leaves memory functions and higher-order tasks behind, leaving you less clever and efficient. Over time, prolonged exposure to stress can lead to anxiety, hyper-vigilance, and lessen your ability for complex thought. So enjoy your bubble bath, binge-watching Netflix, extra sleep, and any other way you relax, guilt-free! It’s for your health!

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