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Texas - The Lone Star State

Posted on May 23 2021

Texas - The Lone Star State

Dear Educators,

One U.S. state spent part of its history as its own republic. That’s right, at Maps101 we are headed to Texas for the #SummerofWhere this week!!! Texas is also known as the Lone Star State. The state is famous for oil, cattle, cowboys, ranches, and lots of land. Many major cities of the U.S. are located in Texas. Even those students in other parts of the U.S. will likely know plenty of placenames in this unique state that was a republic for a decade after it gained independence from Mexico. Come explore the big, beautiful state of Texas with Maps101.

Geography News Network

There’s something special about Texas—the land, the people, and the culture. Texans rightly have pride in their unique state. Find out more through this GNN article. 

Field Trip Library

Texas is so big, one Field Trip is just not enough! So at Maps101, we have an entire Field Trip Library collection dedicated to the Lone Star State. Students can learn about the Spanish influence on Texas, details of famous Texans, the cattle and the oil industries, how the state gained independence, the Alamo, and more. Each Field Trip is an interactive tour with visuals, a map, and full text that explains the topic. Project them on the board and go through them as a group, assign them on tablets at desks or in groups, or have students go through them as homework. However you use Field Trips, they will engage student interest and help them identify locations on a map, supporting geography skills while studying multiple topics from different subject areas. This week, encourage students to learn more about Texas as we continue to focus on the #SummerofWhere here at Maps101.


Major Aquifers in Texas

Groundwater is a major source of freshwater. Massive amounts of water exist in the ground. The places where this water is accessible are called aquifers. Precipitation, such as rain or snow, seeps through soil as groundwater. An aquifer contains rock and sediment that the groundwater flows through. Because of the conditions in the aquifer, water collects and can be extracted, using wells. This map shows the major aquifers in Texas. Aquifers are important sources of freshwater for human consumption and for agriculture.


Texas Atlas

Explore Maps101’s exclusive atlas of all things Texas. Here is a sampling of what you can find out in the Texas Atlas: federal congressional districts, historic sites, ethnic distribution, early trade and travel, cattle trails, archaeological sites, Native Americans in Texas, native vegetation, Spanish missions, railway systems, and so much more! 


Understanding New Terms Helps students learn more about aquifers using the site from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). After reviewing the site or conducting further research, ask students to write their own definition of aquifer and have them create a graphic that illustrates how they work.

Showing State Pride You and your students may not be Texans, but you all probably take pride in the state you are from as well. Ask students to identify points of pride in your state. What article would they write to show pride in their state? 

Expanding Mapping Skills Draw students’ attention to the Texas Atlas. Divide the class into pairs or groups. Have each group choose a map from the Texas Atlas to study. Then, have groups write a brief explanation of the purpose of the map, what it shows, and what questions it answers. Have groups share their maps and the text about it with the class. 

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