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What is New on Maps101?

Posted on December 19 2021

What is New on Maps101?

Dear Educator,

As a subscriber, you may be wondering, “What is new on Maps101?” Every week new content is uploaded! Geography News Network (GNN) in particular, can be your first stop on Monday to see what is new on Maps101. We also regularly add new Lesson Maps (available on the Next Generation site, under “Interactive Lessons”), maps, and other goodies for your classroom. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent content on Maps101. Bookmark your favorites and keep looking for new, exciting content to use. Maps101 is your go-to resource for articles, maps, interactive lessons, and more.

Geography News Network

This past week, we took a somber look at recent news to address students’ reality about school shootings. We felt we had to discuss this difficult topic because it is affecting your students. And at GNN, we often provide coverage of current events. We also focus articles on biographies of interesting people, both current and historical, current discoveries in science, historical events, and so much more.

Geography News Network

The GNN article prior to the one above was on the birthday paradox. Interestingly, based on probability, in a group of 23 people there is a 50 percent chance that two will have the same birthday! This article explores the mathematics of this phenomenon. Notice the variety of topics, including STEM, that GNN covers!

Lesson Maps

Meanwhile, our writers are busy providing enriching, interactive lessons for your classroom. The most recent addition to our collection is about ancient Mesopotamia, up through the Sumer Empire. Students exploring the history of the world must understand the importance of Mesopotamia, where civilization evolved. Our exclusive Lesson Maps include a wrap-around teacher edition full of leveled activities to keep your classroom engaged. To find the most recent Lesson Maps, you can sort by the publication date. We are continuing to build our library of World History Lesson Maps. Keep your eye out for much more to come!

Lesson Map

In addition to the history of the world, students need to know the history of the United States, especially students in America. Currently, Maps101 writers are focused on providing Lesson Maps on select Founders of our nation. By using the Lesson Map platform, students will learn more about Washington than can be covered in a traditional textbook. The content is written for middle school readers, but you can tailor the lesson as needed for your classroom. Up next is Thomas Jefferson. Abraham Lincoln is already in the Lesson Map library. Look for new U.S. History Lesson Maps with your subscription to Maps101 Next Generation!


The map of indigenous peoples of North America is one of our most popular maps. As such, it also gets updated regularly. It is impossible to show all of the native groups on a map of this size. We receive feedback and further research to ensure our maps best represent their content. In this way, you can be assured of having high-quality, detailed, and well-researched maps. And they are all available with your Maps101 subscription!

High-quality geography products for the classroom. From globes to wall maps, atlases to games, offers a wealth of products to help put your classroom on the map.
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