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Call for Climate Action Heroes!

Posted on March 16 2020

Call for Climate Action Heroes! is looking for climate action heroes!

Is there someone in your life making a difference to the environment or global warming? If yes, then nominate them here, and they may be selected by for addition to this year’s digital story map! The Earth Day 2020 Story Map will include well-known Earth advocates like Greta Thunberg, Sir David Attenborough, and more.

You can nominate a celebrity activist, a coworker impassioned by the environment, or an action-oriented grade-schooler – we want to know who your climate action heroes are and celebrate them!

Geo-Joint: Plastic Water Bottles

This may be an unbelievable thing to younger readers of the Geo-Joint, but 30 or 40 years ago people only very rarely drank water out of a personal container other than a glass or a cup. And today? Single-serving plastic water bottles are everywhere. You may have one within reach while you are reading this, or be only steps away from a shrink-wrapped box of 24. Americans use 50 billion of them a year. How did we get here?

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