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Contemporary World Wall Map

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Quick Overview

Perfect for home, business or education, this Contemporary World Wall Map combines bright, attractive colors with high-detailed cartography. Special features include ivory colored oceans and a black decorative border. This map of the world uses the Van Der Grinten projection.
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Perfect for home, business or education, this Contemporary World Wall Map combines bright, attractive colors with high-detailed cartography. Special features include ivory colored oceans and a black decorative border. This map of the world uses the Van Der Grinten projection.

Detail included on this Wall Map of the World:
• Major Physical Features
• Major Water Features
• Major Mountain Peaks
• International Boundaries
• International Capitals
• Major Cities
• Major Island Chains

Insets: Antarctica

Due to expected high demand for this map, please allow up to 7 business days to print and laminate prior to shipping.

Additional Information

Geography World
Geo Type World
Map Type Territory Maps
Usage Type Decor Maps
Niche No
Publisher GeoNova Publishing, Inc.

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  1. Very educational and enjoyable review by Churr on 3/10/2014

    Now that we have framed and displayed the map, everytime there is something in the news or a movie like Captain Phillips where they said that the ship came from Oman and will land in Mogadishu near Somalia, we are able to relate better to the movie on a geographical level.

  2. Great review by yomommas on 2/23/2014

    Yes I loved it wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful

  3. Contemporary World Map Wallzilla Adhesive Format review by Sandy723 on 1/29/2014

    This was the best map ever. I bought this for my grandnephews 6, 3, and 2 so they can learn about the world as they grow up. The best part about the Wallzilla Adhesive Format is it is on a wall where they can see it all the time. The colors and texture of this map are so vivid and the writing is clear.

  4. Great wall map, sent to a friend. review by CelticFever on 11/25/2013

    I have one of these in my office and sent the same one to a friend I worked with back east.

  5. Exactly what I wanted review by Rudy on 9/22/2013

    I was surprised how many countries in the Middle East I had never heard of before, such as Turkmenistan and Uzeckistan.

  6. Calm and colorful review by dmeule4 on 1/23/2013

    Unexpected colors make this map a big attraction in the room

  7. Great map very easy to attach review by Zephyrsmum on 12/30/2012

    Bought this for my map loving husband. We are getting older and little maps in guides don't do it anymore. We both loved the ease with which he was able to apply it to the wall alone. Didn't need any help.

  8. Just what I was looking for review by Steve247 on 12/24/2012

    Wanted my grandson to always know where in the world his US Marine Corps dad is. Will also help his geographically-challenged mother help him, and is brother, learn about the world we live on.

  9. It's beautiful! review by DIYlady on 12/14/2012

    I mounted the map on foamboard and framed it to use as a pinboard map. It worked out perfectly and looks great!

  10. Love it! review by Shae on 9/29/2012

    The only con I have is that I would have liked it to be laminated. Otherwise, I love it.

  11. Lots of compliments on this map! review by Virginia246 on 9/4/2012

    I purchased this map and the Mark-It Map Labels for my office lobby to mark our worldwide locations. I have gotten many positive comments and compliments about the map, and some have even inquired as to where I purchased it. Very pleased with this purchase.

  12. Pretty good map review by Mila on 5/14/2012

    This map had the level of detail I was looking for (more than just main cities, but not overwheling with text). I wanted an easy way to brush up on my geography. The main things I like about the map is the color scheme-- it hangs in my office opposite my desk and is cheery and pleasant to look at. The main thing I don't like about the map is some of city text is a little blurry, like the paper shifted a little when the map was pringted. The layout gives a nice clear perspective of locations (sometimes the austrailia side of a map can be misleading because of the way things are cut off-- not this map).

  13. Great looking contemporary map! review by Lynne on 4/1/2012

    Vibrant colors, nice border, good lettering. Nice taupe/charcoal background

  14. Beautiful map! review by Jill K on 12/15/2011

    We love this map! It's colorful and looks great on the wall.

  15. Contemp world wall map review by Miche on 11/30/2011

    Used in home office

  16. Great contemporary map! review by Mary b on 11/23/2011

    Great for showing all my travels

  17. Excellent Product review by Donna the Mountain Woman on 11/18/2011

    I bought this map as a birthday gift for my husband so he could track all the places in the world that we've visited. He seems very pleased with it and said that it is an excellent qualilty map!

  18. Beautiful colors review by Ann245 on 11/15/2011

    plan to frame it out with molding when office plans come together

  19. Received Great Service! review by Aaron244 on 9/30/2011

    This was a great gift for my mother. She wanted a big map to hang on the wall to be able to mark everywhere she has traveled. The first map we received was damaged during the shipping process. But provided great customer service by responding very quickly to get us a replacement!

  20. better than expected review by tyrone on 8/26/2011

    The color of water has a purple tint (i was expecting a dark grey or black). Works perfectly with my decor.

  21. Perfect! review by abby0013 on 6/15/2011

    This purchase is for my husband's office. He's in the travel insurance business and this map is perfect for his needs. [...] Couldn't ask for anything more.

  22. Great looking map! review by Daniel on 4/26/2011

    It is a great basic map that can be helpful to get children acquainted with the location of major cities within countries. Topography is very mild so is not distracting (unless you are looking for those characteristics.) Its color design is very appealing and eye catchy. Looks great at home!

  23. Great map! Very colorful. review by Alisa1220 on 3/19/2011

    This is a great map! Exactly what I wanted.

  24. contemporary world wall map review by dode the pode on 3/18/2011

    Placed it on my hall wall and look at it every day,and always when there is a country I don't know about

  25. Great color review by YMV on 3/13/2011

    Just what we were looking for. Colors are great, we liked it so much that I just ordered a second one for a coworker.

  26. Professional map for excellent price review by Paul243 on 3/11/2011

    Map is positioned to be seen directly upon entering my office. When discussing events in their country with my international college students, the size and vibrant country colors allows for ease of locating most countries. Upon receiving and hanging this map I am surprised at the excellent price.

  27. Very good overall review by Maprunner160 on 2/27/2011

    This is a good map, but I made one mistake in not realizing that U.S. State and Canadian Province demarkations are not shown.

  28. Great map great colors review by Joe the Map Guy on 2/26/2011

    It's a great map with great colors and details. I would recommend it.

  29. returning customer review by 7munchkins on 2/9/2011

    great products, great selection. [...]

  30. FRAMING ISSUES review by Nancy159 on 2/5/2011

    This reply is applicable to both my items. The maps are lovely. The more you look the more you see kind of thing. I am pleased with the purchase. BUT, when I took them to my framer, he almost refused to frame them as the back side was laminated and he didn't think he could mount them. I insisted he try anyway and thus far I am happy enough with the results. In the future I would ask for front side lamination only.

  31. Love, love, love this map!!! review by San on 2/1/2011

    It's a beautiful map, I had it framed and it looks even better. Great gift idea!

  32. Beautiful and practical in my classroom review by Second-Chance Teacher242 on 1/23/2011

    For use in an adult ed classroom, I chose this map because I needed a world political map with major land features. Added benefit: nicer colors than the usual map, bright and colorful without being garish. Very reasonably priced, it was easy to get approval from my principal.

  33. Excellent review by Tami on 1/9/2011

    Map was just what I ordered [...] Excellent product [...]

  34. Beautiful map review by Susanprn on 12/26/2010

    We used this map for a cultural diversity celebration at our hospital. The map was big enough that we could mark each of the 30+ countries our employees came from. We will continue to use the flag to remind us of our rich cultural heritage.

  35. Just what I expected review by smiller on 11/21/2010

    User friendly website....lots of options.

  36. GREAT Map!!! review by Amy158 on 9/13/2010

    I love this map! The colors are vibrant and really pop!! We are using this in our department to see where everyone is from. It's a lot of fun and this colorful, lively map helps!

  37. Wallsavers Wall Map review by Sandy241 on 9/5/2010

    Product was a little difficult to put on wall with wallsavers adhesive, as it kept sticking together, however, once up on the wall, no creases, no was perfect. Colors are bright and vivid and print is very easy to read.

  38. Well-sized crisp image review by Simple Style240 on 8/23/2010

    I have the Wallzilla map on our homeschool classroom wall. The colors are vivid and the print is clear. Application was easy. I chose this world map because by eliminating the continent of Antarctica (which is distorted horribly on a flat map anyway) the countries and area of study are in larger scale for the proportion of the map. I'm pleased with this durable purchase.

  39. Great products review by Chris239 on 8/17/2010

    This type of website is not available in Australia and I found to be very user friendly and has a fantastic range of products. My husband has travelled to many different countries and I bought the map and to pinpoint his travels with photo's beside the map.

  40. Contemporary World Wall Map review by tancat on 8/13/2010

    I bought this map for my daughter. She loves it and loves the Wallzilla. It's very durable & easy to read.

  41. Looks great but hard to put on smoothly review by Melnib on 8/6/2010

    This map looks great and is easy to read, but it was pretty difficult (even with 2 people) to put on the wall. Bubbles and bumps kept forming underneath, and it took forever to smooth it out. I believe there are still some that we weren't able to smooth out, but we decided to just leave it alone as it was getting a bit frustrating.

  42. For my son's wall review by Mamma Amy on 7/29/2010

    I wanted to hang a map in my 4 yr old son's room. I was thinking of something like they have in class rooms. Those retractable ones are pricey, but I went with this instead, and it's great. I mounted a dowel on the back, and hung it with a ribbon. Now we're learning about the big, big world!

  43. Good Map review by PS on 4/18/2010

    A good wall map. Somewhat expensive. I had expected the map to be printed on a nicer paper like the same map I had from a few years back, but still quite a nice map.

  44. Great useful map! review by C238 on 2/2/2010

    Hung in the house so we can all benefit from seeing and remembering other parts of the world

  45. Love this map! review by catintp on 1/6/2010

    Helps me keep up with places in the news, and to track my friends' travels.

  46. Love it! review by A on 12/28/2009

    Wish it came in larger dimensions. The tyvex material is FABULOUS!

  47. Happy Client! review by Gift Giver on 11/4/2009

    We gave this map to a client as a gift and they love it! They hung it on their company wall and their employees have passed on some great comments. He says every time he walks by there is someone standing in front of it and we love happy clients!!

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